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Thank you Mauiman and VR Wolf. Those are baby disposables being made in the You Tube video Mauiman gave us. Those are Abena adult disposables being made in link from VR Wolf. I am sure you will notice the machines work in very similar ways.

In the January topic people asked about the cost of diaper making machines. What a surprise there is a friendly consultant who actually has diaper making machines for sale, all the way from brand-new state-of-the-art super machines to slightly-used slower machines. I can see the commercials for those on late night TV. "This beautiful machine was only used once a week by a little old lady in Pasadena. Buy it now before it is sold to someone else. Easy payments can be arranged!"

Seriously, now that you have seen the videos, if you want to devote hours to reading all about diapers, then you will want to bookmark the website of Carlos Richer Consultants.

Welcome To The Disposable Diaper Net

Carlos Richer started the industry of manufacturing disposable diapers in Latin America. He has become the absolute go-to consultant for the baby disposable diaper industry. Dig into his many articles and you will see how the adult diaper industry lags behind baby diapers as far as innovations. Keep reading and you will discover why it is so vital to de-bulk diapers on the machine before packing them.

Oh, yes, if you are looking for an interesting science fair project, Carlos even explains the best way to test disposables. As a hint, you need to use a special mixture, not just plain tap water, to be fair and accurate. Now, would not doing a science fair project be a valid excuse to buy many brands of diapers? Here is a chance to find out if Cruisers Size 7 hold more than Huggies Size 5. How much more does an Abena hold than a Depend? Remember, the folks judging science fairs are close to a return to adult didees.

Gary Hirsh is the designer of many of the generic adult diapers. He also started Secure Products.
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