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how I started


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I have often wondered why I so like to mess and wet myself. I know that my parents were avid potty trainers, I think probably far to keen. Someone once told me, in connection with my own children, that it shouldn't be rushed. But I probably was, so gave up nappies well before I was really ready
When still young, still in short trousers, I remember liking to wet myself. But it would dry naturally so I didn't need to change. And I guess dark grey short trousers meant wetness was not obvious. I also remember on day needing to poo. I was standing by the kitchen sink, Mum was doing some washing, and I just let it come. Mum was livid!
Getting older the desire to mess reduced but I still liked to wet myself. So I guess thats a life long need which has never faded. But the desire to shit myself only returned many years later. And its always been a very big desire to mess myself in public, whenever the circumstances allow. Today the wish to mess is stronger that the desire to wet - although I like both a lot. I have also always preferred firm poo, probably because I don't like messy clean ups!
One "special" occasion was when I decided to mess myself at the supermarket, I was in a nappy, wet myself whilst in the store, then on the way back to the car I pooped. I remember it was quite a lot so I was now very messy. Having put all my shopping in the car realisation hit me - I had to get in the car, sit on my poo and drive home. The feeling as I sat was wonderful, I am sure I was a few inches higher up in my seat!. Since when as soon as I poo myself I like to find somewhere to sit so I can feel what is in my panties/diaper
What has made a huge difference is discovering pull-ups. Worn under leggings or skinny jeans they are not noticable. But pooping a pull-up the poo is held firmly in place and when I sit it moulds to by bum. So I can be in a messed diaper for a day. Pull-ups also keep in nasty smells, so allowing me to do most things I would ordinarily do (go to the shops, meet the postman, do gardening, go to get newspapers or petrol, etc).
It is (for me) also fab to poo myself when out - walking my dog, in the supermarket. The thought of what I am doing/have just done is a real turn on for me.
these days I tend to poo only every 3 days and it is usually very firm. So the days in between are wetting days - sometimes in a pull-up, but often just peeing my knickers - which I can do repeatedly.
So coming fully up to the present - sat typing in a messed diaper that I have had on all day
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Welcome, have a look around and enjoy
Hello and welcome!
Hello and welcome.
Welcome, @morro! It's funny how these diaper attachments can arise out of such opposite beginnings. My parents were the wait-for-readiness types, but I outlasted their patience and was introduced to the potty for the first time shortly before my third birthday. I'm told that I trained almost immediately and made Mom feel silly for waiting. And yet, just a few years later, I was sneaking diapers from my little sister's room. 🤷‍♀️ Who knows?

So what's life to you outside of diapers? I'm an all-around geek, retro gamer, and (weather permitting) outdoorsman. Perhaps needless to say, the latter is somewhat on hold right now. (I live in northwest Washington, and after a rather dry start, we're now experiencing a typical western Washington winter.)

Take care! I hope you find the forums fun and helpful. :)
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Thanks for responding. I must start "blaming my parents a little less! I am a company director, love sailing, adore my dog, have girlfriend (but we keep our separate homes, and love my femme side). So live solo a lot of the time, which gives me lots of freedom to indulge
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Welcome aboard
Hello and welcome aboard!
I suspect my desire to be diapered again at 5 years of age was due to my being potty too quickly. I can't say for sure. My mother was always in a hurry for me to be "grown up". I remember those early days of pooping in my underpants that was somehow comforting but also knowing that diapers would be so much better than my underpants. The time period I'm referring to was the early 1950s and cloth diapers were the only kind used. There were none to be had, so I would create "diapers" out of old towels, bed sheets, etc. whatever I could find. I would go into the basement of our house, "diaper" up and poop. I even showed a couple of my friends and asked them to try it with me. We were all about 7 or 8 years of age. I soon realized that pooping in a diaper was something that my friends were not going to participate in with me. This is when I began to think: "I must be the weirdest person on the planet".
I'm 74 years old now and my diaper fetish is as strong today as it ever was. I only pee in diapers now because I don't like the clean up or the smell even though I would love to mess on occasion.
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