How I Became an ABDL

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  1. Adult Baby
  2. Diaper Lover
It all started when I was 12. I had a major diaper fetish and would use anything as a diaper. When I had turned 13 it went away for a month and came back, even worse. I started to take my younger siblings diapers and would use them when I was home alone. When I turned 14 I ordered a sample pack of Tena diapers and wore them when I was home alone. I had a couple packs of samples that summer. I was wearing one and a babyish feeling hit me. I grabbed a bottle my brother had in the cabinet and waited for my parents to leave for work. Once they left I filled the bottle with warm milk and laid down and started suckling on it. At that time I though adult babies were stupid and wanted nothing to do with them. I realized I was becoming an adult baby after I finished that bottle and I started freaking out. I laid down and felt like crying, because I didn't want to be an adult baby. I panicked but felt super tired so I fell asleep. I woke up because I wet the diaper. That had never happened before, and it started to scare me. I then began to order baby stuff online like pacifiers and some baby clothing. As I got older I began to wear that stuff more often. Before I knew it I owned a house and I owned a bedroom and a baby room (for myself). I got married and it took all my courage to tell my wife that I was an adult baby. She said she didn't care at all and I felt relieved. She told me she was taking some of my diapers too and was trying them to become an adult baby so I would be more comfortable. This is all of my life of becoming an ABDL, I hope you enjoyed!
Howdy. Welcome to the site. Thanks for sharing your story. If you have time, you might also post an introduction in the Greetings / Introductions section.
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