How healthy are you?

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I knew mine was gonna be bad before i even took the questions, i go......


I knew it was going to be low, at least they didnt ask if i smoked or not


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I think that test is a little off, I eat nothing but healty stuff and exercise and those people gave me a 43.
Depends on what you're eating and how much.

If you eat only a stick of celery everyday, than that's really unhealthy, even though celery is healthy food.

I'm still winning.:thumbsup:


53. I'm a fat overweight obese computer geek who eats junk foods.

I think the only way I got a 53 is because I do frequent naginata and katana kata excercises and include 'stress relief' in my lifestyle.

But then again, I'm VERY RARELY stressed at all.

I probably lost the most on my sleeping hours. Because of my gifted mind + ADHD fueled insomnia, I need little more than 2-4 hours a day. <3

But I guess that test doesn't cater to special cases.

Not bad overall, but I'm probably ALOT worse than a 53. But, I AM Jesus after all.


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Finally got it. 73/100

Martin, the personalized report below provides a detailed analysis of your individual SuperFoodsRx HealthStyle Challenge performance.

The SuperFoods
It looks as if you are including some of the SuperFoods into your regular diet. At SuperFoodsRx, our goal is to encourage people to choose the nutrient-packed SuperFoods to promote health and wellness. Scientific research has shown that the combination of vitamins, minerals, and plant nutrients in the SuperFoods function synergistically to provide powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Diets high in the SuperFoods have been shown to prevent cancer, balance the immune system, improve brain health, and prevent heart disease. You have made a good start toward reaping the benefits of the SuperFoods. Take it to the next level by bumping up your SuperFoods intake. For a complete list of superfoods visit us online.

Too little or too much sleep can make us less productive during the day due to daytime fatigue and decreased energy. Try to get seven to eight hours of sleep each night for optimum performance.

Aerobic Exercise:
You are getting the recommended amount of cardiovascular exercise by the American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine. Great work! Be sure to try different types of exercise to keep your workouts interesting. Keep it fun!

Resistance exercise:
The American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine recommend doing resistance exercise or weight lifting at least twice a week to build strength, tone muscles, and improve balance. If you don't have experience with strength training, you can get books on home resistance training that you can do with dumbbells. Another way to start resistance training is to join a gym. Most gyms include some free personal training sessions to help you to learn to use strength and cardiovascular equipment. Choose a friendly gym that focuses on lifelong fitness. The environment should be comfortable and fun; think inviting, not intimidating.

***Remember, before starting an exercise program, visit your doctor and ask for his/her go-ahead.

You are doing pretty well with staying hydrated, but try to get eight, 8-ounces of water a day. Staying well-hydrated keeps energy levels up, prevents fatigue, improves skin texture, and relieves dryness of the mouth, nose, and eyes.

Stress management:
Stress is a part of our modern lives. Since stress can lead to lower productivity, mood instability, and even illness, stress management needs to be part of our daily routine. By successfully managing stress, we can lead happier lives, improve our vitality, and have more useful time for ourselves and our families.
Try to find time everyday to take part in yoga, meditation, quiet personal time, a spiritual activity, prayer, or a relaxing hobby. You will begin to see a benefit with as few as 15 minutes a day.

SuperFoods Rx recommends that everyone take a daily multivitamin supplement. Due to our inconsistent diets, it can be difficult to obtain all of the recommended vitamins and minerals in the appropriate amounts on a daily basis. Choose a complete multivitamin supplement, and try to find a supplement that also contains phytonutrients from whole foods that complement the basic vitamins and minerals.

Omega-3 fish oil supplement:
SuperFoodsRx applauds your commitment to taking an omega-3 fatty acid supplement everyday. Omega-3 fatty acids have many health benefits for the heart, blood vessels, immune system, and brain. While eating fish is one way to get these important fatty acids, taking an omega-3 fish oil or marine algae supplement with 500 to 1000 mg of omega-3 (including DHA and EPA) can provide even more benefit. Great job!

While some scientific research has shown a slight benefit to moderate alcohol consumption, we are pleased that you are drinking less than one alcoholic drink a week. The reported benefits of alcohol can also be obtained through keeping a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet, and exercising. There is no reason to increase your alcohol consumption. Keep the alcohol at less than one drink a week and take care of yourself. Good work!
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I go 49 because I don't eat fish (don't like it so no chance), and don't do any sort of weightlifting or anything. The main reason I don't is because I have some dumbells but I can beat anyone I know my age in an arm wrestle - even when they work out and I don't. I might start again sometime, but I have no reasons to work on my upper body strength.

Oh - an interesting fact. People who get 4-7 hours sleep live longer than those who get 8 or more. So if you are in the high end of their under 6 hours bracket then you are doing fine. I usually get about 5 or 6, so I probably also lost points for that, even though for most people it is perfectly healthy to get that amount of sleep.

Also, the 8 glasses of water thing that people come out with is a fabrication. It is the equivalent of 8 glasses of water you need - but that includes all the water you find in any food and drink. You can get enough water without ever drinking water per se. So it may say you are dehydrated - if you drink when you are thirsty I very much doubt that you actually are.

Another one - while vitamins and omega 3 etc. are good for you, don't bother with supliments unless your doctor says you need them. Most of us get more than enough without taking supliments. I probably lost points here as well, because I do not fall for there twisted commercial tricks and I get enough vitamins from the fruit and veg I eat.

Most of these tests are flawed because of urban myths about various aspects of healthy living that are untrue. This is worse because it is trying to sell something. Good as no more than a rough estimate, IMO.
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