How do you sound as a fur?

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When we furplay in chat, we scritch, murr, purr, howl, chitter, hiss, whine, bark, or blow bubbles (from our blowholes.)

Let us provide video or sound clips of ourself making the appropriate noises; this will let anyone we are rp'ing with visualize the sound we are making, and better visualize us, basically help flesh out our persona.

I am a 6' portly middle-aged raccoon, bipedal, with human-like arms and legs, and hands and feet, and a large bushy tail twice as long as normal, good for waist-wrapping and tail-tip nose tickling.

This image is typical of me, in its body language:


This expresses the mood I am typically in when in chat; interpret the "cigarette" how you may.


Now this is getting closer...


Now this one is how you are welcome to imagine me:


And this is how I sound:

purring YouTube - Raccoon Purr

murring YouTube - Crazy Beagle: Baby Raccoon

chittering YouTube - Baby Raccoon & Its funny little noises

hissing/angry/ barking YouTube - Angry Raccoon YouTube - Caught me a racoon!

distressed YouTube - Baby Raccoons Stuck in Storm Drain System

And just for fun huggles and tailplay YouTube - Raccoon and Cat
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