How do you relax after hard day


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What do you do after a long day to relax. I drop all my clothes and change. I put on a diaper with 2 or 3 booster pads. Then plastic pants over that. Then cover it all with little for big onise. Baggie sweat pants and shirt. Make a nice big cup of coffee and sit in recliner. Then talk to my partner. Her name is Summer


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Immediately after work, I hop into a diaper, watch some TV, and drink some sparkling water :p
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Suck on my pacifier and warm myself a sippy cup of milk
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Definitely diapered, cute outfit, video games or movies, and a bottle
I roll a joint, pour a glass of red wine and chill with my fur child "loona" infront of the woodstove 20221223_120112.jpg
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On a day off I wack up with out the alarm it takes a scion for my brain to register that I don't need to Adult up.

Then I put my pasifer in and have a suckel,, check my night time Diaper usual it dry but it not going to stay that way. Then I go and find breakfast.

The reast of the day would depend on wither or not I going out. If I'm staying in it just a diaper and a snap cruch, or my footed oneicy in the winter.

My day would revol around do house work and waching cartoons, creative wrighting and play with my toys,

If I going out then shorts/ dungarees/ Jens over my snap cruch.

Going fot walks or bus adventures meeting up with other Littles and There Bigs.

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I snuggle with my 4 stuff puppies, suck one of my paci's, and some watch cartoons.
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At times we will sit down and have couple drinks and talk about how our day and just to relax. Or give my kitty Scooter a nice good brushing and maybe roughhouse with him for a little bit .