How Do You Overcome Dysphoria So That It Doesn't Distract You From Regressing?

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as the title says, I've always struggled with my obviously incorrect body distracting me from really regressing...if I really 'clean up' my appearance some i sink into regression a little more but its still not as deep as when I do petplay regression.

I'm just wondering what other trans peeps do to help themselves ignore dysphoria and sink in?

any tips? :(
still no replies to this? *sads*
PrincessSara said:
still no replies to this? *sads*

This would probably be better in the AB & Little section (108K posts) than here (8K posts).

Personally, I'm not a little so I can't relate. I would think that depression might want to make you regress more than less, but again, I'm no expert.
This is a really hard topic to tackle. I'm not a sissy but my big girl body can get in the way of me feeling little and from time to time it can pull me out of the fantasy and that sucks to say the least.

It takes time and practice, at least for me it did. Its all about how you feel and not about what you look like.

The best advice I would give you is that everytime you have a thought that pulls you from your fantasy just dismiss it and try to redirect you attention to how you feel and how you WANT to appear.
o_O? I'm not a sissy, I'm transgendered. hence the term dysphoria.

good advice, it's still really hard to not focus on all the thoroughly 'wrong' things (to my brain) with my body.

@Zipperless yeah, maybe. I thought it being about being trans that it would fit better here (since most trans issues are discussed in the LG/Sissy forum despite it not being the LG/Sissy/Trans forum) but maybe I should remake this in the AB/General forum :S
PrincessSara said:
but maybe I should remake this in the AB/General forum :S

No need to remake it. All you have to do is press the triangular "!" button below the post. On the other hand, you now have a 176 views which is a decent number.
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