How do you fall asleep with a paci in your mouth?

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I have pacis age 6-18 months, they are comfortable but I have a hard time trying to sleep with one in my mouth, I really want to wake up with one in my mouth, could you suggest any tips on how to?
Pretty simple really, just do it. With practice it will soon feel quite normal. I also use a baby paci and mine is almost always right where I left it by morning...and yes it is very nice to wake up with a paci in your mouth.
I agree, with time it should stay in your mouth. I'm just barely able to keep mine in most of the night. If I toss and turn too many times though it does fall out. Practice is key I guess
Experiences vary but I found when I was first messing around with these, pacifiers for real babies and children required more effort to keep them in than what I would experience later with pacifiers made for adults.
I use an adult paci from ABDLFactory. I've never had a problem keeping it in my mouth when I sleep with it. I've never tried the baby sized ones though. But I agree waking up with it still in my mouth is awesome


I the some as Angelic on this my pasifer nearly all way falls out of my mouth while I am asleep.

The one time it didn't was because Peter's head had stopped it comming out.

Hay Ho

It doesn't really bother me though I just pop it back in when I wack up.

Sometimes I think Rex hides it from me. As it on the floor with him and Peter.

naughty staffies.



I can fall asleep with a paci in my mouth just fine. I just go to bed the way I normally do, only while sucking on the paci. However, it never stays in my mouth. It always falls out.
Mine stays in about 75% of the time. The Nuk 6 are a perfect fit and really feel how a paci is supposed to. I have like 8 of them.
Yep, with some time you should be able to keep it in, I like the NUK5 and the baby pants classic the most and usually sleep with it all the way through...sometimes I have to search it next morning, but that's pretty uncommon.
I fell asleep with it last night and I ended up with back ache when I was sleeping on it the whole night when it came out of my mouth and I rolled on to it, it's quite common for that to happen to me. (I have a bad back anyway, ouch!)
I agree with Trevor. Buying a larger paci designed for adults makes it so much easier to keep in your mouth. I have no problem keeping mine in place. Got mine from Pacifiers R Us.

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I had this problem when I first started out and I toss and turn in my sleep every night. Overtime I kept doing it and it eventually stayed in my mouth and now it happens every night. I would say keep on doing it and it should stay in your mouth if you stick to it long enough.
I Can already fall sleep with it in my mouth after a Few days, thanks for your encouargment :) it's a 50/50 Chance of me waking up to it in my mouth, i either do or i end up sleeping on top of it by accident, Ouch!
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