How do you clean up?

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Might seem a strange question to some, but I'll explain why. To date, any changes I've done on myself I've used baby wipes to clean myself as this seems the quickest way and they're also very cheap to buy. But, now I'm just short of being two weeks solid wearing nappies every night with some evening wearing too and thinking are there other methods people prefer.

When my younger brother was in nappies (I would have been about 5 and 6 at the time), my mother would have me help out by passing her things while she changed him, and getting me to bin the used nappy after she had tied it up in a nappy bag.

I remember that she very rarely if ever used wipes on him. There was always packets of cotton wool and a cream beside the packet of nappies. I remember she would take out balls of cotton wool and have them ready and once she opened his nappy she would dip the balls of cotton wool in this tub of a white/pinky cream and if he was only wet wipe a few around him, and if he was dirty she would use a load of them to cover the poo in it. A few balls of it would then be used without cream to wipe anything left off. The used nappy would be left underneath him as she changed and she would just be dropping them all into it as she did the job. She'd then roll the whole lot into the nappy, tape it shut, bag it and get me to go downstairs to bin it.

I was always referred to as "my little helper" and "good boy" for this, so I did it all the time and the memories stuck.

So, do any of you use alternatives to wipes like cotton wool and cream? If so, what kind of cream do you use?

Or, do any of you use different methods again?

If you think I'm making my changes more complicated and wipes are the easiest way, feel free to tell me.

Just looking to try out other methods seeing as I'm enjoying getting back into being a DL properly and intend on keeping at least an overnight nappy a permanent thing, so seeing if there's anything worth trying out, to make things more relaxed and improve it in the mornings.

I should probably add that I'm sticking with just wetting for the moment.
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I use Pampers wipes(I buy the bulk box). They are cheap and for some reason bigger than the ones Cottonelle sells(for adults).

I only use cream...Destin... unless I have my rear end is itching or uncomfortable(due to non-diaper related issues). I do use a liberal amount of baby powder as it really does tend to cut down on the smell, especially after morning changes.
If at home, I like to use a washcloth with warm soapy water and towel dry if I just wet. A mess almost always necessitates a shower. On the go I stick with wipes. Cotton balls and cream seem really ineffective. I can't imagine cleaning a dirty child that way, you'd get poo all over your fingers I'd think.
I buy bulk boxes of Huggies wipes, they are fine for cleaning up when wet but mess usually requires a shower. Cotton balls and cream... that's a new one I have yet to hear. What kind of cream was it?
At this stage I can't remember the name of the cream. It would be around 20 years ago now. I remember it being a sort of white/light pink colour and wasn't a runny liquid. There was a bit of thickness to the cream. It was in a plastic tub. As for the cotton wool, I remember clear bags of it, and it was all in one lump in the bag rather than pre-divided into little balls, so my mother would tear reasonable size balls of cotton wool off the lump.

If I could work out what the cream was or if anyone has done anything like that, it'd be good because it's how I remember the changes being done, and I'd give it a go.
I'm only ever wet. At home I just use a soaking wet facecloth. (I throw down a bathtowel on the bathroom floor so I don't get the floor wet) I almost never change on the go, if I did I'd probably pack some wipes. The couple times I've needed to change on the go I didn't have any, and my skin was a little bothered by it by the time I got home.
I alternate between huggies wipes and the Walgreens adult wipes (also available at Walmart/Sams) wipes that are BIGGER. One of these days I'm going to see if I can fit the adult wipes in the huggies zipper carrying case but I've not yet done that.
Supermarket own brand wipes , unless i'm at home and just about to have a shower anyway
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