How do you adjust habit for the gym

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For those of you who wear 24/7 or frequently, how do you adjust your habit when you go to the gym
I don't adjust it. I go to the gym like I normally would and work out. I do try to do it while dry.
After wearing for a while you will find your really do it have to make any real adjustments due to having to wear diapers. The only think that comes to mind is swimming will be an issue.
Do you wear diapers to the gym? I am very comfortable wearing out but changing in the gym is still too daring for me. Thoughts?
Just wear your gym clothes into and out of the gym. That way you don't have to change. :3
I find if I masturbate few hours before gym, I don't have the strength.. I went through the faze of gym, I found diapers/wanking killed my testosterone levels.. Was stressed and going through few life problems, which I sure attributed to some of that, but definitely the wanking could notice a change..
I always made sure I changed to a thinner cheaper nappy before going to the gym.... Way back that also meant crinkly louder plastic and less capacity but definitely better than finding your overnight wicked onto your clothes or pressure expresses out the side when sitting down. Other than that a baggy tshirt to keep you a bit discreet.
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