How do they manage that?

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I quite often read of people who say they poop in their diapers and get on with what they are doing in public. Whilst they say the smell is masked by their plastic pants, I really can't understand how it wouldn't be noticeable. I also can't understand how there would be enough space in a diaper for a large movement. Any thoughts please - is what they are saying fiction?

I am happy to wet my diaper anywhere with anyone, but pooping it is something I would be mortified to do.

It's hard to imagine not having control over some part of your body when you have, for as long as you can remember, full control over said part. Others are not so lucky. The best I can offer is that these people have found ways to cope with it; either by eating foods that don't make a stink or by some other means. Whatever the case, this is a very rational question that means you are giving the whole "loss of control" concept a good amount of thought. Many who fantasize about not having control over their bodily output functions don't consider this question.
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Well those that are fecal incon typicaly take internal deodorizers like Nullo to lesson the smell and they are being totaly honest that sometimes you can have an accident and continue your task uninterupted ,because between the internal deodorant and your pp over top the diaper the odor that may be present is very mild and will take quite awhile to migrate out.also even with a deuce in your diaper a few feet to the right or left can alter the perception of odor tremedously.
Can only talk about my own experience, but every time I've messed in a diaper, the smell has been noticeable. I've even lightly messed, as in only pushed a bit out, but I can always smell it. And if I do a large movement, it doesn't always stay contained. Particularly if I sit down.
Oh trust me i have been on Metro north when a baby frapped and the mother was a "primitive" form of oife who "disposed" of the diaper in an inapprpriate way and stunck up the whole car,other people moved to other cars to avoid the stench, me i had to sit and experience it for the hext 3 hours. It more than sucked.
I've pooped in my diaper both in private and in public. In public, I'm always paranoid about the smell so I don't do it often. In fact, only a couple of times. I don't think you can really cover the smell
I would agree that the smell can't be 100% covered - there is no way of making yourself definitely 100% as odourless as you would be if you simply did not mess.
If I do just a little BM in my diaper while I am out and about I will continue on with my business because there will be little if any smell. However if I do a large BM, and I am assured of a smell that can't be covered up, then I am out of there out of respect for the other folks in the world.
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