How do some of you balance your AB life with your regular life??

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I have been having issues with trying to find a balance with my AB life and my everyday life. I wear 24/7 and have for 6 years now, but over this past year I am finding that it is harder and harder to find time to be little. I have an amazing Husband who is accepting of my AB life and even helped me a little when I build my crib. Although my husband accepts my little side, he also does not participate in that side of my life. But, my personal life become busy and it just seems like my AB side is getting pushed to the side.

I would love to hear how some of you help balance it out and what it is the you all do.

Me's REAL life is MY baby life.I have been back as a wittle baby girl for the last 13 years.With all the same needs as a BABY would need!!
babyginagirl said:
Me's REAL life is MY baby life.I have been back as a wittle baby girl for the last 13 years.With all the same needs as a BABY would need!!

I think that is great!!! I am happy for you! I do not know how you do that, but I think it is great!
This is the most important question we all eventually ask ourselves here. The answer of course is that it is different for everyone. I have no idea how old you are, but the answers do come with age. If I was to offer any advice, it would be this: decide what your priorities are. If you want to give to your relationship, then your AB life will have to suffer. If you want to be a baby all of the time, your relationship will suffer. The thing is that you will strike a comfortable balance. Eventually, whatever you decide, you will get used to it. We all do. Unfortunately, life is compromise.
For me, I have a time for wearing diapers and regressing, and a much bigger space of time for being an adult. There's just so much I want to do that there isn't time for being a baby. I'm a professional musician and I love playing. I enjoy reading and writing stories, and getting out walking or riding my bike. In addition, I still work as a part time church music director, and that's something that defines me in part, as a person.

There might be a day out of the week that I'll wear and use my diaper, and I'm just staying mellow and regressing. I enjoy those days. I usually wear a diaper to bed each night and wake up wet and regressed. I guess I'm say that for me, there's a time and place for wearing diapers and for enjoying the best things that being an adult can give you. As long as wearing diapers and regressing doesn't interfere with the things you have to do like making a living and being a part of society, enjoy wearing.
I myself have times for being a baby, between all my own adult responsibilities.
Maintaining a balance is difficult, but I manage.
Of course, I am disabled with Autism and Cerebral Palsy, and I have been 24/7 in diapers since 1987.
I've always believed that you make time for the things that are important to you. Consequently, I try to set aside a block of time - three or four hours at a minimum - when I can relax and be cared for as a toddler. It's sometimes a challenge to avoid adult entanglements, but I have a great caregiver who can help me focus on being able to relax and unwind as an AB. She's quite creative at helping me merge AB habits with adult necessities ... for example, running to Target with her carrying a diaper bag and me wearing a cloth diaper. I get changed in the family restrooms. My point is the it's easy to become overwhelmed by your 'adult responsibilities. Unless you set aside a clear time for AB practice, you'll continue to slide it to the wayside again and again, and you'll feel substantially unfilled as a result.
I think whenever time is tight you have a couple options. Either you find a way to integrate the thing you like into some other activity or you have to make decisions about which things are most important to you among many options. In the case of AB time, that either means adding some AB aspect to things you're already doing or sacrificing some other things to set aside time for being little.

For myself, I try to make little time be part of my bedtime routine. I've got a few pairs of footie jammies and I sleep with several plushies, so more often than not getting ready for bed is also getting a diaper on and snuggling with my plushies before I fall asleep. You said your husband doesn't participate, so I don't know if bedtime is necessarily the right time for you, but if you have the option perhaps in getting ready for bed or sometime during the day, you could try to add that feeling of being little to your activities. Perhaps when you have diaper changes, even if you have to do it yourself?
I'm only an AB/DL at night, put on that diaper after work and I'm done being an adult until the morning.
There's grown-up time and little time. Little time is a lot like drunk time, you keep it indoors and safe. Not gonna lie though, sometimes I go padded during adult time for convenience.
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