How do I suck on a pacifier?

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I got my Nuk 5 a couple of months ago, and it still feels awkward sucking on it.

It's not a natural reaction, and frankly, it's tiring and the opposite of relaxing.

I expend too much physical energy into trying to suck on it; my mouth gets tired and dry.

Are there any secrets to soothing on a pacifier?
Honestly, there are no secrets to it. It takes time getting used to suckling on a pacifier, there is no trick to using a pacifier. It takes time and effort. It might feel uncomfortable at first but after awhile, you will be at ease with it.

Just suck on it normal and go from there.
I don't really suck mine, I just put it in my mouth and let it rest.
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Maybe you need a less stiff pacifier. The one from awwsocute is a pretty soft paci and it is also very cheap so you won't be out much by trying it. Otherwise, you might either want to just give it time to get used to it, or just don't do it at all. You could try a teether toy, those are actually quite fun.

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Another thing to consider, is that pacifiers are actually intended to be not only a soother, but a workout for a babys tongue so they are better at nursing and also better at speech. So in reality, it is supposed to be a bit of work to suck on.
There's no trick but if it's not soothing you maybe it's not your thing.

You can try a few different kinds if you want to but I would consider the idea that your little side just isn't into pacis.

I love mine but only if I'm feeling a certain age. Any other time and it's just weird.

(also like an above poster mentioned, maybe just let it rest in your mouth instead of sucking on it)
Try a smaller size, that could do it. I use a swedish brand (sorry for repeating myself like an old hag) for age 4-36 months, latex. I dont like the silicone, feels a bit plastic. And like Snivy says - it takes some time to get used to it. Sometimes I just hold it in my hand while going to sleep, that is nice too.
I find that while the silicone ones are great for driving and daytime use, I like going to bed with the latex ones; my wife says that i go through cycles during the night, at times I just sort of keep it in my mouth, and then all of a sudden I seem to suck on it furiously. I do know that I never have had a dry mouth problem; quite the opposite - I typically wake up to find that I have drooled all over my pillow or Mr. Tootles - my plushie bear.
JewelSparkles said:
I don't really suck mine, I just put it in my mouth and let it rest.

I do the same thing
I had the same problem as you at first, then it just kind of clicked after awhile. Its not so much in the lips its more of the the tongue pressing it up against your pallet. At least for me that feels natural.
I usually just suck it like I would my bottle, it seems to work.
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It helps to focus on your breathing rather than the sucking itself. That'll come naturally.
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