How Do Diapers Fit With Physically Female Privates?


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For being a little girl, I’m trying to imagine what it would feel like if I were diapered with female private parts.

I noticed diapers are like plastic pants. Like the leg cuffs hug in closer to the body than the main part of the diaper/plastic pants.

When I wear diapers as a male down there, there’s the bulge down there that allows diapers to cup around and fit snugly. The same can’t necessarily be said of the bottom. Most of the time, diapers fit snugly to my bottom, but not always for various reasons (the diaper itself, the tape job?, sometimes when I’m wet).

I never liked when the padding wasn’t snug. The feeling of just the leg guards without the padding makes it feel like I’m not really wearing a diaper.

Also, if diaper padding fits looser on female private parts, does that make diapers more prone to leaks?