How did you all before littles Or whatever

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I became a Little when i was Born. After infancy i was Late in Potty Training and i did,nt Walk Until i was 2 and i did t Talk Until i was 5. i have aspergers Syndrome which means i have Trouble in Social situations and i Can still have Problems now but its a löst better. I aleays remember my Papa changing my Windeln and singing to me and all my toys. My Mama Wanted me to grow up fast so she Shouted at me to stop Crying and actually Said the Words "i regtet it" These Words have Stück with me and they still hurt to this day. I have nightmares of Booth my Mama and Papa being Angry und ärgerlich and Wanting to hurt me. I couldnt Talk to my Mama like i Wanted because i was scared. I have had a Few Nice memories of Mama.

It got better in my Teens as ironically enough me and Mama Arne close and i Love her to Pieces but those memories and nightmares hide in the dark to Hunt me at Night. It Doesnt Happen Often anymore.

I always remember my Windeln from my childhood and i had a Schnuller. I had lots of toys of Course and it warnt all scary. Throughout childhood i Wanted to Look at Baby Spielzeuge in the Shops but i did have a nosy but my Parents Perhaps though to was Looking at a toy in partikular to my Age Group to Care. In my preiend After Watching an Episode of die Simpsons i saw an Episode where Maggie Want to daycare and all the Babys schnülii were tanken away and Maggie wenn to get them. After that Episode i Wanted a schulli again.

The Things that made me Realise that i was not Alone being a Little was when one Night i wenn to say gutennacht to my Eltern i saw a programm on TLC about Riley the adult Baby and of Course i watched it and it made me Realise its a real Thing and whilst i was pretending that ist was weird i was making Plans the neyt day to have Playtime with the toys i had. In April Last year i got my First schnülii but prior to that i made A makeshift schnulli but i Could Choke on it and my Bruder Found ist and Thrown it away and didnt ask and questions. This Christmas i Bought Myself Some toys and started to Collect schnüllis and bottles and sippies. This November i decided to Try Windeln again but it was only for Treats but this Week i started 24/7. i Know it was Long but think you for Reading.
German translations
Schnuller- pacifier
Schnulli- paci
Schnüllis- Pacis
Ärgerlich- Angry Or annoyed
Spielzeuge- toys
Die- the (not to perish haha)
Gutennacht- goodnight
Eltern- Parents
Bruder- Brother

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Preteens my German spellchecker hates Englisch not good:(


This as been my thoughts lately, ok I choose to be lying here with Rex and Peter, sucking away, this is my lifestyle, choose.

But not the fact that I am a Little.
I'm could put a lot of energy into trying to disguise it.

In the past I have put a lot of energy into trying to be something else. Which I did go through my teens and Twenties and most of my thirties trying to be something else, that I thought other people wanted me to be.

And all that happened was I got to really depressed. Not until I relaxed started to accept who I was. did things that get better for me.

No I'm quite happy being me and most people accept me for who I am.

But it is a good question to put out there and as you guys know I love been controversial.

But did you choose to be a Little, or was it a gift from the creator.?

Same for you AB,DLs

Sorry Angelic this is your thread. Perhaps I should but it has on my own. But it's here now.


I myself have Asperger's Syndrome.
There are many here on the Autism Spectrum.
I have been an Adult Baby for a long time.
Not sure if I'm asperger, but some match found. I started walk late, I ended diapers late and... I had very alcholic and agresive father. Guess that'd be one of triggers. Another is I always wished paci - I can say I never left it, only I did a few pauses. School abuse may reforced that... But I learn everything very good, so I can drive myself because "learning -> application." That in 99,5% of situations works.

But all of that has a side effect: I live alone. I've bben "used and throwed" by some females, because "fault of experience," so today where I can find supportive GF ? - That's suicidal mission. There's not any problem for some sexual relation with "random provisional" girl, but I end kick her. For the same: Isn't my "princess of the down." How I hate my life... But it doesn't mean I'm not enjoy. Life is big crap, but I haven't another.
As for me I had a decent upbringing. I was adopted at a young age into a family of seven. My parents once thought I might possibly have some form of learning disability because I was incapable of verbal communication until I was around 3 1/2 years old, not even baby gibberish. I also had an issue with hitting my head over the frustration of being unable to talk. Not sure if that caused any future issues, but that aside, onwards. I always had a thing for liking to wear diapers, even took some from my friend's sister, he also liked to wear them. I got caught a month later and was grounded for a weekend. Couple years later when I was 7, I became an uncle. I of course got back into the habit of pinching diapers, partially since I was still pretty small back then. At the age of nine my parents said the statement that kind of shook me to the core "You have to grow up to set an example." I was a kid who took things seriously/literally, so I started acting grown up. I started "losing interest" in all activities and took up a work-based ethic. Couple years later, when I was 15, I was s*xually assaulted by a fellow student. It just scarred me so horribly that I lost trust in fellow males. It at which point I started to regress to keep myself sane to some degree. Just barely a year later, it I was s*xually assaulted by a female student while shadowing at a high school. I couldn't do anything because she said to me she'll use the r*p* card against me if I try to tell any of the staff. This ruined my trust in females. It was during this year I found myself distancing myself from the world. My mom noticed me going through the signs of depression and had me go to a psychiatrist. I still didn't feel like revealing what happened to me since some fellow students shamed me for being taken advantage of. My junior year I decided to by some diapers to feel childish again, to trick my mind into thinking I was a little one once again, when everything was so innocent. It was around this time I learned about the abdl community while looking into ways of regressing. I was actually going to join this site, but at the time I was too young and kept my self distanced to a degree, still having some trust issues. By my senior year I was trying to wear during the day to keep me calm then as well. I still want to get more supplies, but as for now all I have are certainty diapers, my baby blankie and plushies (both of which my mom knows I still sleep with). So pretty much my little side is meant to both calm me down and make me feel happier. Btw everyone, going to be telling my mom about my abdl side in 9 days (april 9th) on my birthday. Wish me luck.

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Btw sorry to the adisc administration if part of my post was a bit "iffy". I'll try to censor those bits a bit better in the future.
Thanks for your stories
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