How Can i stop being Diaper shy?

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I find ist Hard to wet diapers Even when i am Alone and especially with Other People. I feel like i am going to leak Or People Can Tell i am peeing, hjalp! Point for those Can guess the Language! ( hjalp)
no one can tell you are peeing as long as you do not react to the accident, just carry on like nothing is happening and trust your diaper.
It mostly just takes time getting used to using your diaper regularly.
Although, you could try what I recently discovered about myself. If I put one or two of my fingers in my mouth and lightly gnaw or suck on them, It tends to make it easier for me to pee.
Thanks i Try the Finger Sucking aus i Can Do that quite descretly. I should just Trust my Diaper more. I Test and new diapers at home

If you really wont to go 24/7 I suggest that you take your time, trying to do something like pee in a place that is not the toilet may take time.
remember you are going against being potty trained and using the toilet.
if you have not been able to go when ever you have felt to need, then you may need to build up to it.
try wetting in the house that is not the toilet and build from there.
hope it work out for you.

wetting at the check out while you are paying for something is great. I find that I still need to fell my shorts to check wet I fell it happen.

really hope this helps

I am Starting to wet Alone more and i wet when my Dad was in the Room once
Really is a thing that takes getting accustomed to. When I first started wearing it was difficult but it got easier over time. I then moved and began sharing a bedroom with a friend. Months and months passed before I got my own room again and was able to resume wearing. Trouble in letting it go has returned for me but I'm sure it'll go away soon. Once you've developed trust in your diaper to hold up, then you'll gain confidence. Just takes some time and patience is all.
I had a lot of trouble at first when trying to use my diaper. My first few times I knew in my mind that I wouldn't get caught, my diaper would leak, and everything would be just fine. My body, however, has been conditioned for 21 years to use toilets. So when I'm trying to tell my body "Hey look, it's okay. You can just go now", my body responds with "Nah man, this isn't a toilet. I can't go here".

Some tricks I've been using to recondition myself is to go in the bathroom, pull down my pants so I can actually see my diaper, and turn on the water faucet just enough for it to make a trickling sound. Ten I just close my eyes and hone in on the sound until I'm ready!

Hope this helps!
It does take some time getting used to but overtime I have been able to go in my diapers around people and I make sure that they don't leak. When I'm alone I do it a lot more and I do find it easier and I wet more to the point where they are leaking or about to leak.
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