How can I buy diapers with out getting caught? :/

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Hi all. I havent been on the forum in awhile. I have a serious question to ask and I'm hoping you all would help me out. Right now I am 24 years old. "Recently turned 24" And I'm a guy. I still live at home with my parents and if I did this and get caught my life would probably be over. Literally. Im even scared of asking this question right now. I really have an urge to wear diapers. I cant take it anymore. I even fantasise about wearing them. I want to buy some but Im afraid I would be found out by parents or brothers. I live in a trailer so our house aint that big and I have no placs to hide and keep em stashed. The only way for me to get diapers is I would move out which I dont want to atm. Hard to find a place. How can I buy diapers with out getting caught? And Im trying to get the right diaper size and cant find it. I wear size L or M underpants if that helps. What are good diaper brands too? I know theres Nappies, Goodnites, Huggies etc. Its gonna be really risky. And Im afraid of doing this. And is there a diaper size chart for abdl that can help you compair sizes? I dont know how to measure. How can I get diapers and hide them with out getting caught? Sorry for long post. Highly nervous as it is. :( If anyone can help me or give me tips I'd appreciate it. And if you buy diapers on Amazon can the mailman/UPS know what they are? Thanks! And if I plan to wear them in public. How can I hide them from friends or family with out finding out? Thank you. And is it reccomended buying baby powerder as well? Can you buy it from Amazon etc? Thanks.
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True on that. Good point lol. Hopefully ill get a place soon been trying to find a place no luck yet tho. :( Wish me luck!
One thing that helped me was realizing I could have packages held at distribution centers by the shipping company when I ordered online. That way I could bring them home when no one was around and hide them in my room. Of course, it's a bit trickier with a trailer. If you had a good hiding place it could work. When ordering online, I don't think the local delivery person knows what's inside.
If you have some money to spare, you could buy some pharmacy diapers and rent a motel room for a day. I think that would be your only safe alternative.
If you have no place to stash diapers, maybe you could plan a day away by yourself. Pick up the smallest pack available at a store (for example, Walmart has small packs of the Always Discreet pull-ups and their store brand ones), and use the restroom to change. See a movie, go to the mall, etc. and toss what you haven't used before returning home.

As for measurement, the best way to find your waist size is with a fabric tape measure. Lacking that, get some yarn, twine, etc., and wrap it all the way around your waist. Cut off the piece and measure it with a regular tape measure or ruler.

To answer a few more questions:

In most cases, companies that ship diapers, particularly those specializing in them, do so discreetly, with no markings on the package to indicate what's inside. So no, the delivery service wouldn't know what they are, unless the carrier happened to recognize the return address or something.

Baby powder is mainly a matter of personal preference. I use it with plastic-backed diapers to cut down on sweating, but don't really need it with cloth-backed.

As for wearing around family and friends, well, since you have no place to keep them, that's probably not in the cards right now, but a couple pointers anyway: for more discreetness, choose a thinner, cloth-backed diaper, like a pull-up. Wear a long shirt to keep your waist band covered, maybe a shirt underneath to tuck into your pants (and make sure your pants aren't sagging down from your waist.)

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Note said:
My advice: prolong your lust until you move out! It will only end badly with a complicated lifestyle/ fetish like this. And if you're wanting to hide it using baby powder around others you know is a terrible idea; that stuff is potent, a sure giveaway.

Alternatively, befriend other AB/DL's in your area (if there are any) and indulge your lust that way. Go to meets/ house parties, that sort of thing...

For now, maybe indulge in your AB side a little more (blankies, plushies, etc). You won't get quite the blow back with something like that and is a lot more easier to explain than diapers...

As someone who also still lives with her (overbearing) parents and doesn't even drive, I was once in a somewhat similar situation as the OP. Once I had the desire to wear, it seemed that all I could think about was diapers. ''Wait until you move out'' may be the safest route, but unfortunately for some people, like myself, it's just not practical or achievable.

Now, if the OP can move out in the near future, he might be able to wait it out. Otherwise, his best bet would probably be using them away from home as dogboy and I suggested.
Where is your trailer? If it's near a wooded area maybe you could hide them under a rock or something?
I picked up the habit at age 4 or 5. Is this a choice you have made? I have been caught a half-dozen times and I am 41 now. I was caught at 4.5, 6, 7, 8, 15, 18 and then again after that.
As for sizing, here is a handy chart I found on the /r/abdl wiki.

Green is ABDL specific, Blue is medical, and orange is generic store brand.
Lots of questions. Before I begin, really think about if it is worth it. To what extent would your 'life be over'. For some, that might mean being thrown out of home or being forced to go to a psychiatrist. For others, it creates and extraordinarily embarrassing situation. If wearing is more important than the risks of getting caught to you, carry on.
Armos said:
How can I buy diapers with out getting caught?

And if you buy diapers on Amazon can the mailman/UPS know what they are?
This is going to take a lot of research on your part. First you have to find out whether it's better to have them delivered or buy them in store. Store brands are not as good but it allows you to move them inside at your convenience. As for using Amazon, there are people who have received the 'raw' box of diapers and some that are delivered in the generic Amazon box. It's sort of hit and miss and even some of the generics will have what's in the box on the address label. If you are buying online, try to stick with the ABDL specific companies as they will generally have their discretion practices very clearly stated.
How can I get diapers and hide them with out getting caught?
I've done a lot of work into crafting the best hiding space and it is
1) Constantly changing for better convenience (as opposed to discretion. I'm beginning to realize my family really doesn't snoop around my stuff as much as I thought they did so an elaborate hiding spot is just inconvenient.)
2) carefully planned so the blank box looks like it belongs there
3) Once the box is empty, I leave it there for a few weeks. This allows you to make it seem as if something else is in the box. It helps if that thing is highly uninteresting so the next box is less likely to be gone through.
4) It is in a place where it can be moved in an instant. I always have at least 2 backup places picked out because I've had at least two close calls where 2 hiding places were compromised at the same time.​
Also, if this is the first time buying, the bags are likely to be bigger than you think. For the first time, make sure at least one of your hiding places have extra room.
And if I plan to wear them in public. How can I hide them from friends or family with out finding out? Thank you. And is it reccomended buying baby powerder as well?
I wouldn't worry too much about wearing in public. It seems like a big deal but nobody really cares. If you are paranoid around friends and family like I am, buy a slightly baggy (to hide the bulge)/wrinkly (this masks the 'diaper line' or silhouette)/crinkly (to mask noise) pair of pants. Dedicate it for diaper use only. This makes it seem like any noises (and it really isn't much) is coming from that specific pair of pants. The noise of the diaper itself can be somewhat dampened by wearing underwear over the diaper. I wear baby powder just about daily. It's one of those things that I always planned on using to start an embarrassing conversation if need be. "Oh, I am wearing baby powder because when it gets warm, I get... uncomfortable down south. The internet says to use talcum powder which I have found to work like a dream. Baby powder is just talcum powder that is easiest to source."

One last thing. If you are going to wear out and about, carry a change on you. I do this through a backpack that has an entire new outfit, one pair of underwear, and one diaper. This isn't only to have a backup in the case of leaks, but to prevent you from getting stranded in a situation where you can't change.
Best thing to do is to go to a medical supply shop and buy them in person or even try the craiglist, buying online means that you have to deal with a bulky box mailed to your home and from experience a bulky box means that people that live with you will want to see whats inside. But before you buy, question your personal space , and question if you would be comfortable if some one found out about what you bought. First you got to buy, then ware, and finally you dispose. If you can get away with it that's great but if you think you can't , question the out come.
Note said:
I remember what it was like wanting to wear. I also remember just how addictive and difficult it became after my first time in a house and privacy I could not call my own. The secrecy, the timing, the disposal. I was a wreck. It's very hard to fully enjoy something like that when so much paranoia is involved. If Armos thinks he has it bad now wait until he gets a taste of the real thing; it'll be like crack.

Going by his situation he seems like he is not in a position where he should be hoarding diapers and wearing them out of all things, not around others he knows, which is why I offered effective alternatives. And lucky for him, he lives in that one golden part of the world where AB/DL's are abundant. Heck, if he can manage to befriend one in his area (if there are any) he can even stash 'em there.

In any case, if Armos wants to take the more destructive route, more power to him, but I won't support it...

I suppose it's different for everyone and really depends on the specifics of each person's situation. I've developed my own methods of getting diapers and disposing of used ones that have served me without incident for two years. I've managed to conserve my stash to make it last, wearing only on occasion, without going nuts.

Am I taking a risk? Yes. But I guess for me it's small enough to carry on.
Get a box at the post office. Then have small packs shipped to you. It can get expensive as most online buying come fed ex or ups, USPS costs extra most of the time.
So I used to be just like you, the best thing you can do is use a discrete site like amazon. If you use a credit card, even if its your parents the nature of the order can't be seen it just shows an amazon order on your billing statement. I would also recommend doing the free month of amazon prime so you can know exactly when they will arrive which is in 2 days free or 1 day for extra. Keep track of when your mail man arrives, it is usually done by USPS for prime and coordinate that with a time people wont be around if you can. If you can't find a time people wont be around use a local po box or pick them up from the post office. Lastly the easiest way to hide them is using a bag and a common locker padlock, which is currently what I do. I use all the same methods I just said and it has worked out fine. Only word of advice is never ever ever stash stuff in the woods. Really bad idea and a good way to get your local pd involved. (very embarrassing story ;). I got lucky and just said someone played a prank on me though so it all worked out. Normally if you just keep some kind of sports bag with a log on it in your closet it will prevent anyone from opening and if the ask just say its like nudey mags or something lol.
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