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Good afternoon and Happy Sunday everyone!

I would've shared this news with my Animal/Dinosaur photo thread; but I had a difficult time trying to find it. 😅 Goes to show what happens when you've been absent for far too long.

So I figured I would share my story in a new thread. Hope it's okay to ya'll.

Anyway, as some of you may be aware (And in case a lot of you aren't) I've been hard at work trying to sell my house.

Long story short- my grandfather from my dad's side passed away two years ago. He's the only child so everything is under his name including the house and property.

As a result of this, the current place I'm living in is going to be no more as it'll be passed to a new family.

While it has been difficult to say goodbye to my current home and neighborhood it was going to happen regardless.

Also as a result, I've been very hard at work trying to patch things up with the current house so that not only can it be sold; but so I can be out and into the new home by next month.

This is why I've been absent a lot these past few weeks and why I haven't been able to upload much of my Creature Feature photos- even though I would've had some time to upload them.

I do promise that the week before I move out, I'll make sure to upload the next Creature photo. I don't know when or if I'll upload anymore. Hopefully as soon as I get settled in.

But anyway, this was all I wanted to share. I hope I haven't worried ya'll too much. But I hope ya'll are at least doing great too.

I hope to be online often again as soon as things settle down. Love you all very much and stay safe! 🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️
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Moving is hard. But I wouldn't know because I have never moved to a new location far away.
Oh boy, I don't envy the move. I've done a few in my time and I know they're all-consuming and exhausting, both physically and mentally. Take care and be assured that it'll be over and done soon, and you'll be heaving a sigh of relief as you settle into someplace new. Best wishes!
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I'll be positive, moving can be an adventure. Focus on the possibilities it opens up and the knowledge that in a crazy housing market all your hard work is absolutely worth it!
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