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I don’t know why but something reminded me of a memory from when I was 7 or 8. My Mum, Dad and I were visiting one of my grandparents in a different part of the country (I can’t remember where or which grandparent). We ended up staying in a hotel. This was around the time where I still woke up wet most nights so I wore some sort of a nighttime diaper. I remember it was really bulky and uncomfortable but at the time was better than waking up in sheets with a big yellow circle stain on them. Anyway the second night of our stay I wet the bed (no surprises there) but my diaper wasn’t secured properly and it had leaked and I woke up in a wet bed. I can’t rememver what we did but I think we had to pay a small fine. What a do remember was my mum laying a massive towel on the bed the next night and wrapping another massive towel around my already bulky diaper making it hard to get up out of bed without help from one of my parents in the morning. I wet my diaper a few times on purpose because I couldn’t be bothered and if I fell back asleep it was going to happen anyways. I think we were there for two weeks? Maybe 2 and a half. But when we arrived back home it was back to normal.

Thought I would start this thread to see if anyone else had hotel diaper stories. You can share them here if you want. :)


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This question got me thinking.

I wet the bed from about 10 years old to 12 and I am sure we want on vacations during that time period and stayed at hotels/motels but for the life of me I can't remember what the bed situation was! I'll think about it more and maybe remember something later.