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I have read and seen a lot of suggestions posted all over and I have a quandary, I have to deal with a bit of a rash down below, but I also have a lot of sweating going on from down there, even when not wearing anything. I used talcum powder, diaper cream and other various ointments, and i also keep the area shaved. The sweat keeps showing up with no resolve. This has caused me a bit of dysphoria to begin with and I really want the area dry.

My question is this. is there any suggestions on how I can keep this area dry short of constantly keeping a towel down there. The powders and creams do help a bit but not completely.
There's no magic bullet, especially if you're in a place where it's hot. There are some things you can experiment with to mitigate it though:

- Try a cheaper, lower absorbency diaper that you can change more frequently.

- Alternatively, see how a diaper with a cloth-like backing works for you. Personally I hate most of the cloth backed kind (abena does a particularly terrible job with theirs), but Northshore makes one that's tolerable, and I've actually found myself buying Seni Quatros for use during the summer (they're very soft and comfortable, somewhere between an M4 and a dry24/7 in capacity, and I've never had issues with odor and dampness on the outside like I've had with other cloth backed).

- Since you mention having a rash, try taking short breaks from wearing until the rash goes away. Even if it's just sitting on a towel for a few minutes in between changes to let your skin dry out fully.

I do live in a hot area. Not as hot as some but hot most of the year round. I will look into this and see what works.

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