Hooded bath towels

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There are some fun hooded bath towels out there. Check out Tubby Towels: same themed hooded towels for adults and toddlers, appropriately sized. http://tubbytowels.com/towels.html
I wanna get a bunny towel.
I have a Hello Kitty hooded towel~

They are really great and keep you warm if the house is too cold~ <^.^7
Those look neat! I'd get the fox or the T-Rex.
I want the Olaf and the monkey but they're all nice!!
I would love one. I'd end up acting like a jedi for fun.
Just died. Want one so bad but, it being $67 (shipping included), it's a little out of my price range.
yah I like them to
Nice <3

Will have to pick one up
I much prefer robes or wraps, of which I have way to many of, lol.

My super fuzzy Joe Boxer fushia (bright pink) hooded fleece robe, great for winter!
I have totally slept in nothing but this, well and a diaper now :( , more times then I can count, it is just that comfy and cozy!

Oh, I have one of these: Super Cute! Hello Kitty bath wrap it closes with velcro across the top of your chest, did I mention So Cute! Yes I am a child. But it's in the juniors section. lol

And when I actually want to at least "look" like an adult, lol.
I have my VS Love Pink terry robe, red with cute pink polka dot trim, great for winter too!

And of course I have two shorty satiny robes, "grown up" red and "not so grown up" pink with red hearts, lol.

The more and more I examine my wardrobe, the more I realize I have been a "grown up" teenager for far longer then I think I care to admit too, lol.

**** update ****
Yaaaaaaa ............. I probably went a bit off on my own there, didn't I? :D
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i so want the bunny
I've seen these before and have wanted one ever since! I would love to have the golden bear or the pink bunny. C:
I bought one of these a few months back (it's a different brand though) and it is adorable.
kitterdafoxy said:
I bought one of these a few months back (it's a different brand though) and it is adorable.

Oh? I'd be interested in knowing where you got yours and how it compares. Or how you like it, anyway.
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