homemade diaper!


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what i help works if you don’t have diapers is to use paper towels and a large ziplock bag. u can cut the large ziplock bag into a big rectangle (how ever u want to do it) and place paper towels on top of it, put it inside you underwear, pull them up and wet, if u have to go a lot u put more paper towels in. personally, i didn’t have to pee a lot, i just felt horny and wanted to feel like i was wetting a diaper in bed, so i did it with about 15 squares of it, u fold them over on eachother. u can add a couple extra in the back if u wanna mess too. make sure u pull ur underwear up really tight aswell! enjoy. for me i did this 2 nights ago with a VERY full bladder, i did it with about 20 paper towels and a dry(ish) washcloth. it held up for a while and emptied my bladder completely but there was a pool of pee in the “diaper” and as i took it off, it spilled into my underwear. so make sure u use the right amount!! i’m a TBDL so this method works when i just feel like i wanna wet a diaper when i have no access to no ACTUAL diapers. thx for reading yall
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