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or, A Paranoiac Journey and What To Do About It. So, I'm starting somewhere in the middle. Because the past is, well, past. And the End is murky and the consensus is that it's going to be FUBAPOR... my contribution to the decay of society and its language, Fouled Up Beyond All Possibility Of Redemption.

But while internet grazing a couple of weeks ago or so but there's some browser add-on to find or evade being followed by Facebook and other google devices, and I knew police, stalkers and similar miscreants can look up every picture of you on the internet. In my scenario it's all about photo-bombing instances. I've got quite lot of friends who might have traveled in the shadows. Not my business in any case, but somebody who knows the inside protocols for prisons... or wizzed off political Do-Badders etc. are in the park at a picnic or such, they take pictures and I or you are casually treading the avenue... and all the armies and police and the other nefarious infidels who believe that all information belongs to them (while we all know that I own everything) {silly peasants} use the Facebook protocol to find people regardless of level of innocence or guilt. The past 30 years were dreadful. In 1992 the U.S. Government started a super computer system called Carnivore, to monitor communications in the pursuit of 'criminals' WHICH didn't go as well as they thought. We The Feeble pay for it. It augments an InterPol system in Paris, Bern, Stockholm, London, Brussels and Rotterdam and probably more that do the same thing.

Thus explains Why, one next step is to know How. So I went back to the ad on yahoo (I think) about the handy-dandy app that would find every picture of me on the net. So if one of you guys might know what app is called and how to obtain it?

and yeah, I really talk like this.