homeade diaper that can withstand a wetting. pt. 2.


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hey guys, if you didn’t see part one look now, if you look at that already, you know that I was trying to make a diaper to withstand wetting. Long story short, it was better than what I first was previously doing, but still cannot withstand a full wetting. I might need a bigger Ziploc bag, because if you don’t know what i said in the previous thread that I posted, I said that I cut a Ziploc bag in half to fit my underwear (photo attached bellow of the cut ziplock) but I was talking about a small Ziploc bag. I might need a bigger one for the amount of tissues that I’m stuffing in there when I feel horny enough to wet, it usually which stands a OK amount but it leaks through the sides so I think a bigger Ziploc bag will do the trick. Let me know if you have any suggestions but I have to be discreet about it because I do not want my parents knowing about it. Before I used to use the paper towel and Ziploc method that I (maybe) came up with (I don’t know if someone else did that before), I would just stuff a bunch of tissues in my underwear, but no Ziploc bag, the reason I do this now is because the bag is something for the Pee to repel off of once it’s soaks through. I am only limited to, Ziploc bags, and things you can easily hide or dispose of like tissues. I occasionally use my second wash cloth (i have 2 but only use one and my parents think i use both) to put on top of the tissues for extra protection against leakage, but I have to wash it in the shower and dry it, so it takes a while to dry. I am not looking to use these “diapers” in public or when I’m around my parents, so I usually do it at night before my shower or around midnight so they don’t know. I don’t really want it to be an all time thing, because the crinkle of the Ziploc bag is kind of noticeable, I do it because I have just like the sensation of peeing in a diaper, even though I haven’t tried one before. thx for reading this long ass blog lol


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