Holly's Diapered Vacation (Version 2)


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I've decided to abandon my story Holly's Diapered Sleepover and rewrite my story Holly's Diapered Vacation. This new version should be able to replace the old version and fix its flaws. So, here goes nothing.

It was 6:00 AM on May 9, 2016. The citizens of Chicago, IL were beginning to begrudgingly wake up for another boring day of work. Holly Wyatt's blaring alarm shook her from a sweet dream back into the real world. She tried to remember what it was about as she stood up and turned off her alarm. Unfortunately for her, all the details had evaded her. All that she could remember was the nice, warm feeling the dream had brought her.

She looked around her room, still trying to gain her bearings after her rude awakening. Her newly earned Summa Cum Laude high school diploma sat on the desk across the room from her, along with pencils, paper, and other school supplies. Right next to her desk was a mirror, and next to her mirror was her limited edition Avengers: Age of Ultron poster. The short brunette girl then turned to her nightstand. Her alarm clock, which the tired girl was rather angry with right now, sat right next to her charging phone. Next to her phone was a purple adult-sized pacifier that she promptly slid into her mouth. A new text activated her phone screen, which lit up Holly's soft, round cheeks and and blue eyes. She picked up her phone, and saw that the text was from Emma Carlson. 'Holly, get up NOW!!! I don't want you to be late! ;)' the text message read. At last, Holly remembered what her dream was about. She replied to Emma's text. 'Very funny Emma, you know I could never be late for vacation!'

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Chapter 1
Holly trotted down the hallway to her small kitchen, where she poured herself a cup of coffee. She sat down at the table with her laptop and reviewed her itinerary. She was scheduled to meet Emma at her apartment in Des Moines at no later than 12:30 PM, which meant that Holly would have to be out the door of her apartment by 7. So, she quickly gulped down the rest of her coffee before rinsing out the mug and placing it in the sink. Back in her bedroom, she grabbed the outfit she had laid out to wear for the day. It wasn't anything fancy, just a cute pink onesie and some comfy sweat pants. She took her clothes to her bathroom but then headed back to her bedroom to grab more stuff. After about a minute of deciding, she exited with a sports bra and ABU Space Diaper in hand.

Holly unbuttoned her footie pajamas to reveal a rather wet Abena M4. Because of her coffee, she wet it once more before untaping it and hopping in the shower. Holly quickly cleaned herself up, and was somewhat panicked to see that she had only 25 minutes left to get ready! She dried off with a towel and grabbed her fresh ABU Space Diaper. After unfolding it, she creased the thick diaper down the middle and stretched it out to activate the leakguards. Holly found the baby lotion and powder that she kept in her bathroom. She lotioned her diaper area before laying the diaper on the floor and sitting down on it. The wonderful smell of baby powder emanated to Holly's nose as she generously applied it. Finally, she snugly taped on her diaper and slid on her onesie before snapping it shut.

Holly had little time to finish preparing. She brushed her teeth, rubbed deodorant and spritzed perfume. After quickly applying some makeup, she took a few minutes to blowdry and brush her hair before putting it into a simple ponytail. At last, she pulled on her sweatpants and applied some lip balm.

In her room, Holly made her final checks before leaving. She had 2 suitcases and a backpack: one suitcase had her clothes, one suitcase had her diapers, and her backpack had her other things like toiletries and chargers. Holly slipped on some socks and tennis shoes and grabbed a suitcase and her car keys. She flew out her door and down the stairs of her apartment building to her car. With all the stuff she had for the week she'd be in Colorado, Holly needed to make a couple of trips. The first suitcase was dropped off in her car's trunk, and Holly headed back to her apartment. She grabbed her other suitcase and backpack from her bedroom, and stopped in the kitchen to throw her laptop in her backpack and grab her purse. It was 7:02 AM as Holly locked her apartment's door, headed down to her car and sped off towards her diapered vacation.


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Chapter 2
Holly drove through a McDonald's in a suburb right outside Chicago. She scarfed down the mediocre breakfast sandwich after getting back on the freeway. One Direction music blared from the stereo as a gentle 80 degree breeze blew through the slightly open window and brushed against Holly's face. This nice breeze excited her even more for Colorado, where the high of the week was only in the low 80's. These temperatures would definitely be a nice change from the upper 90's that Holly had been used to for the past few weeks. Holly sipped down the last of her orange juice as she drove on through the brightness of the morning sun.

The clock read 10:13 AM as Holly drove past the sign signalling her entrance into Iowa. This meant she still had about two hours until she reached Des Moines. She didn't really like driving alone for a long time, but fortunately she would have company from Des Moines to Colorado. After driving a little farther, Holly passed a rest stop. This reminded her of the growing pressure in her bladder (she hadn't peed since she left home). Without a second thought, she relaxed her muscles and sighed with relief as her diaper grew warm and wet. Her wet diaper left her feeling a little more soothed for the rest of her drive to Des Moines.

At last, Holly was nearing Des Moines. The GPS on her phone directed her to an exit, and she drove off the freeway. After a few minutes of driving through the city streets, her short side trip ended at an apartment building. Holly climbed the stairs to the third floor, and knocked on the door of apartment 4C. The door shot open, and Holly was greeted with a hug from a very excited Emma. The two girls entered the apartment and began bantering after finishing their embrace.
"You said you wouldn't be late, and you are. What a hypocrit." Emma said with a sly grin.
"Shut up Emma, I'm only two minutes late."
"Tell that to your college professor when you show up late to class." Emma ran to the kitchen while Holly looked around Emma's small living room. The walls were painted bright blue, which gave off a friendly atmosphere. A flat screen TV hung on the wall opposite the couch, and the room was dotted with pictures of friends and family. Holly zeroed in on one picture amidst the many others. It showed the varsity volleyball team from Holly's junior year of high school. Just then, Emma entered the room with two cans of Coke. She directed Holly to the couch and the two girls sat down to drink their refreshments.

"Sure will be weird not playing volleyball in college." Holly said, beginning to reminisce after seeing the picture.
"Yeah, but you'll definitely be a lot less stressed."
"I guess that's true. Wait, why will only I be less stressed?"
"Dammit Holly, you just have to go and ruin everything. I was going to keep this a surprise, but I guess I'll tell you now. I was accepted to the varsity volleyball team at Iowa State!" Holly was taken aback by this statement.
"Only because you carried us to the win at state during junior year." Holly said, trying to hide her jealousy. "They don't know how bad you really are." A smirk crossed Holly's face.
"You might wanna see a doctor Holly, you're turning a bit green with envy."
"Haha, you know I'm just messing with you. In all seriousness, congratulations! That's really great!"
"Thanks Holly, I wish you could be on the team too."
"Yeah, me too. Say, what time did you want to leave?"
"I think 1:15 should be fine."
"Okay, that should put us in Denver around 10 PM their time."
"And that gives me time to show you around. Come on!" Emma excitedly pulled Holly off of the couch and began the "grand tour" of her small apartment.

The bathroom and kitchen weren't anything special, but Emma's bedroom was a different story. The walls were painted a babyish pink, which really made the room look lively. Emma's bed was topped with a purple polka-dot bedspread and covered with all kinds of plushies. Her dresser was painted pastel purple, and on top was an old fashioned alarm clock. But the star of the room was the diaper changing table.

It too was painted pastel purple, but it had a cushioned changing pad on top that was pink like the walls. The changing table measured about six feet in length, and the base was filled with three large drawers. "Holy crap Emma, how did you manage to sneak that past your parents?"
"Changing table by night, dresser by day!" Emma removed the changing pad, and it did indeed look like a simple dresser. A mirror on the wall next to the table added to the effect.
"Yeah, it just looks like a place to do your makeup! Now what's in the drawers?"
"I was just getting to that." Emma opened the first drawer, and Holly couldn't believe her eyes. It had many stacks of babyish clothing like onesies, footie PJ's and shortalls. It also contained a stack of plastic pants. Holly was too dumbfounded to say anything.

Emma then continued to the second drawer, which was filled to the brim with disposable diapers! There were stacks of Bambino Bellissimos, DC Amors, ABU Cloth Backed Cushies, North Shore Supremes, and Molicare Soft Supers. There were also a few Pampers Underjams pull ups. "Jesus Christ, even I don't have that many diapers - and that's saying something!"
"Yeah, I guess I have quite the collection." Emma said, boasting a little bit. "But wait - there's more!"

Finally, Emma opened the third drawer. It was filled with toys! There were blocks, dolls and toy cars along with many other fun toys. "Emma, we have to play! These toys are begging to be played with!"
"What do you think we're doing all week, silly? Trust me, I packed some for us."
"You're the best, Emma!"
"I know." Emma said with a smile. Holly then looked at the clock.

"Emma, it's 1:03. We should get your stuff down to the car."
"Okay, but... can you do me a quick favor?"
"Sure, what do you need?"
"Can you... change my diaper?" Emma said hesitantly as she blushed.
"Of course I can!" Holly noticed her friend's red face, and put her hand on Emma's shoulder. "Don't be embarrassed. We'll be changing each other all week, messy diapers included! You're my best friend in the world; you can trust me." Emma began to ease up a little bit, and pulled off her sweat pants before hopping onto the changing table. Holly unsnapped Emma's onesie, and then untaped her very wet North Shore Supreme. "Stop squirming!" Holly said as she pulled the wet diaper out from under Emma and wiped her clean with a baby wipe.
"Hey, let me choose what diaper to put on you, okay?"
"Okay, just not an Underjam. I don't want to have to change too much during the car ride."
"Of course not, idiot!" Holly perused the selection of diapers in Emma's drawer. "Here, this will do!" she said as she grabbed a diaper. "Now close your eyes, and guess what diaper it is once I'm finished!" Emma shut her eyes, and Holly began applying the mystery diaper. She slid the diaper under Emma, powdered her, and finally taped the diaper securely shut. "There we go. Now what diaper is it?" Emma could tell that the diaper was thick and plastic backed, and it had a high rise on the back. She then touched the waistband and found that it had elastic. To Emma, this was a dead giveaway.
"It's an Amor, isn't it?"
"Correctomundo! You win the prize!"
"Which is?"
"You get to change my diaper when it's wet enough!"
"Why thanks Holly." Emma sarcastically replied.
"Speaking of that, I should probably check how wet my diaper is." Holly pulled down her sweat pants and unsnapped her onesie. The illustrated aliens on her diaper had only faded slightly, meaning that she wasn't very wet. "Alrighty then, let's go!"

Each girl grabbed one of Emma's two suitcases and carried it down to Holly's car. Emma then ran back up to her apartment to make some final checks, while Holly got the air conditioning going in the car. Everything looked A-OK, so Emma grabbed her backpack and purse. She exited her apartment, locked the door, and hopped into the car's passenger seat. The two diapered girls settled in for their long drive to Colorado.