Holiday season is the best time of year!

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Every year, the holiday season gets me into my ABDL hobbies (is that the right word?), christmas music, food, etc! It just seems easier to be comfortable being "little" during the holiday season.

What are some fun things you do during the holiday season?
Playing in the snow always comes to mind! Though that now I'm in florida that is nonexistent.

I'm a sucker for Christmas movies and songs, so I love catching up on Elf, old Disney sing alongs and The Santa Clause!
footed jammies come into the stores so cheap and easy to get!! And friends will sometimes get you silly gifts that are cartoon or childish :) And candy!!! and time off that can be spent in diapers!
yah Christmas is a bit of a trigger for my baby side it brings back memories of playing with my toys and lot of family been around to play with. :2thumbsup:
Christmas music and movies! We have most of the recent Christmas movies and over 100 CDs.
I am such a little kid at both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think it's because I came from a loving family, and celebrating these holidays was important. My parents didn't have a lot of money, but there were still toys at Christmas and a lot of food Thanksgiving day.

I love Christmas specials on TV, and one of them is the first Peanuts special, especially the ending when Linus explains the true meaning of Christmas to Charlie Brown. I love a lot of the older specials, cartoons which I loved as a kid, and of course, "A Christmas Carol" by Dickens. I love putting up the tree and decorating it, and when my wife and I do this, we have our Christmas CDs playing. I have about 30 of them, from Windom Hill "Winter Solstice" cds, to Narada Christmas, John Rutter, Vienna Boys Choir, King's College Cambridge boys choir and the list goes on and on.

The best part is getting the whole family together, something which seems to get more difficult as they get older and busier. We try to have everyone at our house and have a big dinner. We open presents and tell stories both past and present. Then we kill the fatted goose right in the family room, spilling its guts and blood....Oops.....maybe we don't go quite that far, but there is a fire in the wood stove and plenty of beer, egg nog and Makers Mark, my favorite.

Too soon the day passes and I have to wait yet another year, hoping that we'll all be together for another year, alive and just as healthy.

So Merry Christmas to all of you, and may your dreams come true.
I still love Thanksgiving and Christmas.
I will probably purchase a baby crib busy box toy for myself as my adult baby toy gift to myself.
Something cool happened this year. Try as I might, my stepdad seems incapable of saying happy Hanukkah. He always says merry christmess. Don't get me wrong; Yahshua (Jesus) and I are fine. I just don't think he's okay with us taking a pagan fertility festival, slapping His name on it, and saying we do it for Him, The Torah observant, Shabbat observant, Israelite promised Messiah. The only time Hanukkah gets mentioned in the whole bible, is in Yochannan (John) 10: 21-28. Why mention it, there of all places, if it isn't important anymore? Anyway, mom came in my room after my new mattress was on my bed and said, "Did Joey tell you happy Hanukkah? This is a Hanukkah present. Happy Hanukkah, April."

That was a happy tear worthy moment.
I love christmas time because of footies season, christmas movies, and I can buy tons of little stuff and just pretend its a present for someone else or something
Face it the holidays bring the little kid out in most people.
For me it's quite the opposite. Around Christmas I stay with my family and spend a lot of time with other people, which I really enjoy, but it means I must dress and act like a "normal" person at all times.

But I agree there is something about Christmas movies and traditions that gets you back to your childhood. It brings a feeling of stability and consistency to one's life. It's nice to have something which hasn't really changed since the time you were 10.

sakuraTheBabyfur said:
... and I can buy tons of little stuff and just pretend its a present for someone else or something

Good point!
egor said:
Face it the holidays bring the little kid out in most people.

It really does!! I love Christmas so much, even as an adult (baby LOL), I go overboard (but really I don't think you can).
I get to wear my red holiday jonjon to important parties - of course, with matching bowtie and white knee socks. I also get to wear my red Christmas blanket sleeper at home.
Footed pagamas come into the picture at this point! Then the thought of being a kid again! I just wish I had someone to take care of me like I was a little kid again!
It may not have much of an effect on my ABDL side, but I love Christmas and the whole holiday season. I love all the Christmas Classics, all the Christmas Food, seeing family, and there's just something in the air that makes this such a nice time of year. =)
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