Holding my parents hands

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Background info; This is about my the parents who raised me, not a mommy/daddy I was lucky enough to meet. Also, when I was around 10 my parents got a divorce, but they stayed civil to each other and put me and my big bro first.

A little bit ago I was visiting with my dad and he had business at my mom's work, so we both went to visit her. Once there I was able to hold both of their hands at once! Mommy and Daddy love both at the same time! This made me feel really really happy and loved. Totally like a little kid again. The only other times I have been lucky enough to hold both their hands was when I was in the hospital or a lot younger. So, maybe, just maybe, I dragged the conversation out a little bit to bask in both their attention and love for just a little longer. Thinking about holding both their hands still makes me feel warm inside.
(I am lucky enough to get lots of hugs from both of them still, but rarely do I get to be with them both at the same time!)
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