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  1. Diaper Lover
Hey everyone! It's a bit weird for me to actually be posting, usually I'm the quiet guy that just dreams about being confident enough to participate.

I'm mainly on this site to read others' experiences and for research. But maybe if I talk I'll make some friends too.

No clue how long I've been interested in diapers. I wanted to wear a diaper and wet it on rollercoasters or in a haunted house for as long as I can remember. But I didn't. I started wearing occasionally a few months ago, after I convinced my husband to let me. I have desires to wear regularly, but Depends protection with tabs leak on me sometimes, or don't last long enough, and he thinks its unreasonable to spend $50 on diapers.
Hello LuckyKid and welcome to the group.

So that we can get to know you better, would you please take a moment and tell us a little bit more about yourself such as your hobbies or interests?

Again welcome to the group.

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