Hit a mile stone on a train

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I had to take a 1 3/4 hr train journey to day so padded up got on and 1 hr later needed to pee I just relaxed and it flowed in to diaper yeah !
Year ago I wouldn't have been able to do it in a crowed train especially sitting down
The first time is always the most difficult but you find out in short order that if you wear a proper diaper and clothing, no one knows.

It's fun to realize that you do not have to find a rest room or hold your pee.

Good luck with future trips.

I almost did the same in a store the other day. I was on a empty isle and had to go, but right before I was ready, a family turn down the isle and made me jump and walked to the restroom. Maybe the next time.
Lucky you. Almost every bus I've ridden on that has a toilet also has strict limits on how it can be used.
Yes, I made pee-pee in my diaper while riding in the Lawrence, Massachusetts Saint Patrick's Parade.
Being incontinent, I am glad I wear my toilet.
I have peed in my diaper while in a store many times, no one knows. I have pooped in public before too, and I just find a place to change as quickly as possible. No one ever says anything to me
Peeing in public is great as long as your diadee doesn't leak.

I peed my diaper in a library once. I felt like a naughty toddler. Hehehe.
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