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If you were awarded a full ride scholarship, and didn't have to work to support yourself through school, would you attend a high school made for adults that is modeled after a large mainstream casual American public high school, but elevated in quality of facilities and quality of education?

What the school is:

A private, adult high school with thousands of adult students. Minimum enrollment period is one year (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) and there will be a diploma program where upon graduating you earn a real HS diploma. Any adult under 45, who is looking for a American style casual high school experience can enroll. They can enroll for 1 year, or all 4 years.

To limit perpetual students, if you fail a grade once, you can repeat that grade in-school once, without losing student privileges. If you fall significantly behind in your repeat year, you lose student privileges and you are required to take make-up courses until coursework is completed with passing grade. If you fail another grade, you'll have to show that you have been through a real hardship to a school board to keep student privileges. If your don't have a qualifying hardship, you will be in-school suspended until coursework is completed with passing grade. This limits perpetual / professional students to a hypothetical max of 5 years of being a on-campus student with full student privileges.

All the high school sports, spirit and pride, field trips, amenities, resources, assemblies, and events put on by casual high schools including Homecoming, Prom, Science Fair, Back to School Night / Open House. Because the school’s mission statement is to be just like a mainstream public HS but elevated, you will have the choice to have Sodexo pizza (among other nutritionless, heat-and-serve cafeteria food) in the cafeteria and choice to learn out of McGraw Hill textbooks in separate classes. Limited spots will be available though for these classes.

The school year starts a week after Labor Day (so people who participate in Burning Man don’t have to miss the first day and week of school), and Ends in the first week of June. Summer school will be available to existing students but not as a standalone program.

The high school for adults is a great place for middle minds to expand their middle space to the whole school year. A place for middles, furries, skateboarders, bros, punks and many other crowds. A school surrounded by a middlestown full of teenage minded people, where arrested development can be fully restored.

The school can be the anchor for a real world ABDL town. Is a real world ABDL town not our dream?

What the school is not:
  • This is not a place where you can pretend to be a teenager for a day or a week, as so many people like to do “to get it out of their system”. This is why there will never be any short term enrollment options.
  • This is not a "do-over" school. If you are the type who peaked in high school, you will be discouraged from enrolling.
  • This is not a fantasy school. You will be subject to the same rules and school disciplinary actions as a real public high school.

This is a concept.

A Question I've Been Asked:
How do you handle the people in your local area that have differing opinions as to what a school should be like? Do you just add them into your school? Do you build them a different school? Either choice you make will have a catastrophic effect on costs and staffing needs.

As much as people would like to believe otherwise, a school cannot be all things to all people.
My Response:
I’m not too concerned with people in the local area, because the school will attract people from all over the developed world. The school is a dream for middle minds everywhere. Any adult under 45 (under 45 to start) who is looking for a American style casual high school experience can enroll. They can do 1 year, or all 4 years. Around the school will grow a town which would feel different than a college town, call it a high school town. I would want to buy as much property surrounding the school grounds as possible to secure the future of the school.

The fastest route I see to founder it is to buy a decommissioned public HS campus, do minimum structural updating, poach faculty from public HS’s with the same pay but no bureaucracy, legally structure it like a private college so people can get student loans for it (student loan bubble going to burst by then). After the first 50 students, set up a piecemeal plan to grow the school into my dream school from positive cash flow.

By ‘no bureaucracy’, I mean not being saddled with duties not related to teaching their class and grading papers.

One type of person who would benefit from a High School for Adults:
I know one person who got involved with gang activity in their teens, dropped out of HS in his sophomore year, and spent his 20s within the walls of California state prison. He took a plea deal for 6 years and got convicted on drug charges, 6 years became 10 years for his involvement with prison gang activities. He is now 36 and shows great interest in attending a high school for adults. I do know interest doesn’t translate well to commitment.​

Entrepreneurial Path to Foundering a High School for Adults:
The fastest and most realistic route I see to founder it is to:
  • buy a decommissioned public HS campus at government auction
  • do minimum structural updating to meet building codes, then we can talk about repainting and aesthetics.
  • poach faculty from public HS’s with the same pay but not being saddled with duties not related to teaching their class and grading papers.
  • legally structure it like a private college so people can get student loans for it (hoping the student loan bubble bursts by then).
  • After the first 50 students, set up a piecemeal plan to grow the school into my dream school from positive cash flow. If there’s not enough cash flowing into the HS programs (enrollments), the school will rent space to a community college or trade school for revenue, not becoming a community college or trade school in the process.

Sounds expensive does it? I did research and using the below graph (see attachment to post), I found the most well-funded states are the equivalent of $18,000! Give 1/3rd to bureaucracy and production destruction (waste), and the 5 most well funded states, you’re looking at a minimum on $10G spent to the benefit of each student per school year! At 2020 equivalent dollars, my tuition is $50,000 a school year - with breakfast, lunch, all school-run programs included. Per-student costs are $30k, $14k into the school fund, 6k of profit.
Public School Funding by State.png
Above is the main post, which I want to be the primary focus of this thread.

Please don't discuss what is below. What follows are my ideas and my opinion for how I want my dream high school:

These are things I would have in my dream high school:
  • Students Lounge (like the teachers lounge but bigger and more consoles, TVs and couches)
  • Roller Skating Rink with Killer Sound Wall (blast your favorite song on the school’s killer sound system in the dance / roller skate hall)
  • Skatable main corridors (skateboarding prohibited during school hours)
  • Beginner Skatepark
  • Intermediate Skatepark
  • Pro Skatepark
  • BMX park
  • Electronic Music Department
  • Enclosed Bicycle Locker boxes (prevent sabotage or vandalism to your bicycle).
  • Smashing Court (place to smash things in enclosed court) with third story TV drop point.
  • Half height lockers for all students, same rules as a public HS
  • Top Quality HS science department
  • Top Quality HS chemistry department
  • Top Quality HS music department
  • Top Quality HS arts department
  • Top Quality HS theatre department
  • Top Quality HS TV station / video productions
  • Top Quality HS 3D modeling department
  • Top Quality HS radio station
  • Top Quality HS school newspaper / journalism elective
  • Top Quality HS Photography class
  • Top Quality HS Geography class
  • Top Quality HS Videography class
  • Top Quality HS (dual boot) Computer Lab
  • Top Quality HS Apple Computer Lab
  • Retro Computer Lab (Full of restored late 90s PCs, Raspberry Pi’s with every emulator, displays are CRT).
  • Old School (1970s aesthetic) Shop class
  • Old School (1980s aesthetic) Home Economics class.
  • Student access to wood, metal and plastics CNC. Shop tools, Laser Engraving, 3D printers (including resin) in student maker space (anybody remember TECHSHOP?)

Things in my dream high school that a government high school will never do 100%:
  • non-GMO, Organic, pH-Neutral, Clean, Minimal-Leachate cafeteria food. Minimal-Leachate means the food comes in contact with plastic as little as possible, going all the way to the source of the food wherever possible, and the kitchen uses stainless steel, copper, glass and ceramics exclusively. Food is sourced from local, organic & non-GMO farms wherever possible.
  • Dr Bronners soap in the bathroom and locker rooms.
  • Flouride-Free water from the taps.

Descriptions of parts of my dream high school:

The School Skatepark: In the beginner / basics skatepark, which BTW is on one side of the main skatepark, there are 10’, 20’, 30’, 40’ and finally 50’ runs of combined ledge & railing 1 foot off the ground, sloped downhill each one preceded by a 50’ ramp and arranged in lanes. This is so 30 something guys and girls who have probably never participated in a sport can grow expert at the basics, growing muscle memory doing the same runs hundreds and thousands of times. 300 feet away in the main skatepark, there are more advanced and technical versions of these runs. For the same purpose.

”I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” - Bruce Lee

My Idea for One of Three Kink Encouraging Days:
There will be a few kink-encouraging days, for example ‘no change day’ on 4/21 each year. If 4/21 falls on a Saturday or Sunday it will be held the following Monday. 4/21 is picked because I anticipate 1/6th of the student body to be stoners, so with many people reeking of spent cannabinoids the day after 4/20, it’s a good day for other stinkiness. If you are a HardcoreMessyBoi, No Change Day is the day to mess your diaper in class.​
A sign on campus for No-Change Day can read like this:​
No-Change Day - 4-21
Don’t change your underwear
Wear dirty clothes
Carry B.O.

Know what it’s like to:
-smell like a homeless person
-not be able to bathe
-have no sewer infrastructure

My concept for "History Class":
In "History Class", we are not taking any historical account at just it’s words. Everything we don’t have images for we will look for physical and non physical remnants, evidence and patterns.​
Topic Example: December 7th, 1941 (note how we’re not just focusing on the events on Oahu but everything that transpired in that 24 hour span in the time zone of the Kingdom of Hawaii)​
Cover the detailed timeline of events from midnight to midnight, including everything we know about the Japanese sub that came to the harbor and was sunk before their planes arrived. All the stuff that is conveniently ignored or glossed over in the ‘official’ textbooks.​
We don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to how to teach history, we just need to keep the wheel round so it can roll on its own. History is written by all sides at this school.​
Topic Example: Nikola Tesla​
We will briefly go over the ‘official’ explanations. Briefly cover the stories that keep being pushed onto us by malevolent entities (all I’ll say), in 15 minutes. Then we’ll review all the provable conspiracy -facts- with Nikola Tesla. Like how Chase didn’t like what Nikola was building so they sent someone to arson his transmitter.​
We’ll discuss implications and explications, action-reaction, Nikola’s life-track, and material inputs and outputs with Nikola’s life.​
We’ll have standardized testing but it will be our own, and it will take up no more than 15% of the syllabus. Because again, real skills are more valuable than rote memorization.​
We will not be using textbooks from the mainstream publishers, opting instead for books with 85% provable facts, because we haven’t yet proven the last 15%. Mainly, deep critical thinking skills and soul sovereignty are prioritized over textbook learning and regurgitation. Learning how to think, not what to think.​
Social Studies, or what I am calling Society Studies:​
This is where we learn all about the dynamics of societies. Learn about how the US government is supposed to work, and how it was infected from 1913-2024 (the year humans fully break free).​
Drain the liquified & rotten intellectual apple barrels of communism & marxism. Cover how blind belief in state can be just as strong as a religion if not more so.​
Cover all human societies and their social structures and their force hierarchies in all times.​

For me, after effectively missing high school by being trapped in a special Ed school, I would be who I already am inside, just 6 weeks later. I’ve basically had a 14 year summer vacation waiting for high school to start, so becoming a student of the adult high school I foundered is my dream.