Hiding Diapers



If you live with parents or any other people whom you don't want to know about your diapers, you need to hide them. This article will give you some tips for keeping your little secret your own.

Getting Them Into the House

The first step any person has to go through in hiding their diapers is to successfully get them into your place of residence without being noticed or being confronted about "what's in the bag".

A) Home Alone

The best way to get diapers into your house is when you have the place to yourself. Get your diapers when no one else is home and you know that they won't be around for a little while.

It helps greatly if a little forward-planning is done on your behalf. Ask innocent questions like, "So what are you up to tomorrow?" or "So you'll be out all day, huh?" Gather information on your family's routine for the following few days and come up with a suitable time in which you'll be able to bring the diapers into your home and not have to deal with anyone.

B) When Somebody is at Home

So the situation is this: you thought you’d be alone, but then you see your parents’ car(s) all in the driveway. This can be very problematic if not handled correctly. If someone else is about when you bring home diapers, there are a few good ways to handle this.

You could try to avoid any chance of a confrontation. If you see signs that people are in the house are there, just dump your backpack in bushes, or any other place that is out of the way, and walk in calmly. Just act like you were out for a walk/bike ride, and wait until they leave the house to bring your diapers to your hiding spot.

Leave the diapers outside temporarily, still in whatever package you carried them in, until a better time comes up. Hide them in some bushes, under the house, amongst some old junk, in your own car, if no one else has access to it - anywhere you feel confident that they won't be found. You can then collect them when everyone else eventually does leave the house, or when everyone is asleep you can sneak out.

Another, more risky option is to bring them inside within your backpack or other bag. It may be wise to open the package first and carry them in separated, as a diaper package has a distinct shape to it. This will keep your bag from having any distinct shape to it; it will just look full.

Whatever your reason, and regardless of whether anyone is home or not, always conceal your diapers inside of another bag or backpack. It'll make your life a lot easier, as you’ll be able to move or hide the diapers in plain sight, if absolutely necessary.

C) Online Orders

You should try to avoid ordering online unless you either can guarantee that you will be able to receive the package without other people present, or you regularly receive large packages such that one would not arouse suspicion.

When you know a package you ordered via the Internet is destined to arrive soon, be sure to determine the range of dates it will arrive and when. This is crucial. You have to be there the day it arrives, and you have to be the person getting the mail and receiving packages.

If no one is home or has seen the package at your doorstep, then you could use the same methods as described above to get it into the house.

If someone is home when it arrives at your door, then as soon as the bell rings, yell “I'll get it!” and get to the door. You can hide the package outside if nobody else has seen it or the delivery truck, and have a cover story ready for who came to the door. It’s likely, though, that you’ll have to account for the package somehow, so be prepared to cover by saying that it contains some mundane item. If asked to open it, insist that you’d rather get back to what you were doing and open it later.

Being Confronted About Carrying a Bag

This is the ultimate stand-off you'll have to face. It can be incredibly nerve-wracking, but playing it cool is the key to not arousing suspicion.

Being prepared is key. Know your cover story and know how you plan to act,.

It would help immensely if you have a good reason to be carrying a bag in the first place. If you study, you could say it's just books and papers, or if you work, you could say that it's another set of clothes because you went to a friend's house after your shift. If you ride your bike to the store to get the diapers, one possible thing you could say is that it's just a bunch of things you picked up. In any case, you should present yourself as disinterested in answering questions and eager to get to your room so that you can do whatever it is you tend do in your room.

If they are persistent, however, you may need to step it up a little. One tactic is to become rather evasive of their words and actions. Say you have to be somewhere and are in a hurry, or you urgently need to use the toilet and leave before they can get another word in. Create a reason that would give you a good enough excuse as to why you are being secretive about "the books and clothes" in your bag and why you need to leave in a hurry.

Another good measure is to actually put some ordinary things in your bag. If you have a bag with multiple compartments, then place some books or whatever in the main section and have the diapers in the other sections. If asked to open your bag, open the main section, only showing whatever regular things you've put in there. If they are really so nosy as to press further than that, then it's probably best to apply your evasive tactic and get out of there. It may arouse a bit of suspicion, but your first goal is to get out of the situation so that you can dump your diapers somewhere else.

If you’ve ordered online and someone has seen the package, you should probably have a good excuse lined up. It's best to avoid saying it is something that they would be interested in seeing, like new clothes or speaker system. Your best bet is to say it is something that they know you have an interest in and which is relatively large. Companies sometimes ship items in larger packages then are necessary, so your cover story just has to be of something remotely close in size. For example, having lots of electronics in your room, makes it easy to say it is just some new hardware of sorts. People rarely notice nor take interest in things that they don’t often see or use, so make a cover story out of whatever kinds of things stay in your bedroom.

Getting Them to Your Hiding Place

Again, if you are home alone, then this shouldn't be a problem. Take a little bit of time to make sure your diapers are nicely concealed and properly hidden.

However, if someone else is home, sometimes it just best to leave them in a temporary spot until a better time arises to hide them. Chances are you are probably hiding them in your room, or other low-traffic area of your house. Locking yourself in your room straight after coming home is can be conspicuous if it’s not your normal routine. Just quickly dump your bag in a part of your room where you know it won't be seen or touched - in your closet, under some clothes, under/behind your drawers are some decent examples of what you could use as a temporary spot.

Then, just go on about your daily business as if nothing is any different. Have patience and don't fret too much over it. Unusual behavior will raise some eyebrows and questions will be asked. But it is good to check a few times to make sure your temporary spot hasn't been disturbed; if it has, then find another.

Hiding Spots

A golden rule of real estate is “location, location, location”. Location is the key to hiding diapers as well.

DO choose places:

-where nobody ever goes (attic, basement).
-which are fairly accessible for you; don't hide them in someone else's room, or any other place you do not always have access too if you really needed to.
-which aren't too obvious; somewhere that is rarely frequented in your house.
-with a lock, if possible, without being conspicuous that it is locked.
-which aren’t easy to reach unless you’re trying to get to something.
-which folks often see, but has been there so long that no one would even think to look there (e.g an old toy box).
-which is out of way, so if someone is searching your room, they aren’t likely to find it unless they examine every nook and cranny of the room (e.g box on top of a closet, with other boxes around it).

DO NOT choose places:

-in someone else's room, because you never know when they’ll decide to reorganize things around and stumble across you diapers in the process.
-under your bed or mattress, as this is such an obvious hiding spot for someone searching to check.
-in plain sight.
-anywhere outside the house where they could get wet or otherwise damaged, such as a moist crawlspace.
-in a hall closet, under a bathroom sink, or any other storage space which is used accessed infrequently, as people will still need things out of it, and when they do, they’ll often search through to find what they are looking for.
-that, just generally, are frequented by family members.
-which you would not have a legitimate reason to be interested in. Such would prevent you from performing an intervention or using delaying tactics if they were about to be discovered.
-which are in any the “obvious” places people would think of to hide things.

Once you have a hiding spot, try to avoid drawing attention to it. Anything odd or out of place will increase the chance that someone will investigate. New fingerprints in a thick layer of dust will look suspicious. A lump under a pile of clothes is not good. Any new lock will raise eyebrows. Whatever happens, don’t access the hiding spot when others are around, because if someone comes to your room, you may not have time to return everything to its normal state. Once you’ve picked a place where nobody is going to spontaneously look, your primary goal becomes to avoid causing it to get searched by raising suspicions.

This might sound obvious, but try not to buy more diapers than the ones you can hide, no matter how attractive the sale is. If you can't easily hide more than a small bag, then just don’t buy more than that. Moreover, you should lean towards the side of caution and tend to have less diapers than the maximum capacity of your hiding spot, to minimize chances of bulges which make it difficult to close up your spot or that anything might fall or be squeezed out.

Ideas for Hiding Spots

-One classic place is inside of an old computer; remove the casing off an old computer, and hide your stuff in there. Be sure to be careful when placing the diapers in the case, as a computer main board has some sharp points in them which could rip open the diaper's cover. You need to remember also not to use the computer (at least not for long amounts of time), since the main board can get fairly hot and could melt the plastic diaper cover.

- If you have a closet which is sealed on the bottom, try to see if you can remove the wooden place that is between the two sides of the closet. If it's loose, clean up the space under it and put your stash there.

-If you have a suitcase that has a lock on it which nobody else uses, put your diapers in it and store the suitcase hidden from sight.

-Hide your diapers in a double-bottomed container. Keep two similar boxes for storage and cut an extra square out of the second that just fits snugly inside the first. Put your stuff at the bottom, and put the fake bottom on top. Then put other miscellaneous things on top, such as clothes, to cover the bottom.

-If you have just a few smaller items like pacifiers or you're looking for a quick fix, you can fold your clothes and stuff items inside the folded clothes.

-Some drawers have extra space behind or below them when you pull the drawers out. If the space isn’t obvious, then you can use it.

-You can hide your diapers under large piles of items which nobody else will go through. For example, if you have three years of school papers, you can hide your diapers underneath the large pile. Obviously, if your parents still make your bed and clean your room, hiding your diapers under something that might get cleaned is unwise. In most cases, the best place is one that rarely gets disturbed and looks uninteresting.

-If you have big tower speakers, you can unscrew the woofer and put them inside. A lot of times you can find such speakers cheap in thrift stores, along with a receiver/amplifier which can make them usable as your computer speakers.

-Another good possibility is under the bottom drawer of a drawer set or filing cabinet. In most cases, the area under the bottom drawer will be hollow. This is excellent, as it is an area few people realize exist, or, if they do, it's been so long they don't even think about. Just be careful that nothing is visible around the sides of the drawer when it's open.

-If your car has a spare tire well in the trunk, you can hide them here as long as your car is not driven, cleaned, or searched by others.

-The cardboard box that a computer or other appliance came in makes a good hiding spot if that box is being saved for transport or warranty purposes.

-If you have a sleeping bag which you exclusively use, you can store diapers inside before packing it into its stuff sack.

-A personal toolbox can be used for smaller items. Plastic toolboxes are fairly cheap and sturdy, and can be locked. If you have younger siblings and any items which might reasonably be protected from them, then you can claim the toolbox is to protect those items and simply lock your diapers away in plain sight.
-If you have a grandfather or grandmother clock, they typically have room for 5-10 diapers in the bottom. This may interfere with the clock's weights if you stack the diapers too high.

-Drop ceilings, like the ones found in schools and stores, are often made of fiberglass or some other sturdy material. Often they can be used to store diapers in a very inconspicuous way. As long as nobody opens the ceilings for repairs, it’s a convenient hiding spot. It’s also fairly obvious, so don’t use it if you expect to be searched.

-If you have an old toy box, fireproof safe, or any other closed box-like thing in your room that has been there for so long, your parents don't even think about what's in there anymore, that would be a great place to hide them. If the box currently has other items in it, then hide diapers behind those items.

- Old backpacks often get thrown in corners of rooms or closets. If you have any in your room or can otherwise guarantee won’t be used, you can hide diapers in there. If you have multiple old backpacks, spread your diapers between them so that none of them appear excessively thick, but do not store the backpacks separately as you will then having multiple hiding spots to track.

-Your dresser can work if you put away your own laundry and rarely, if ever, have visitors to your room. Diapers should be stored under clothing items which you rarely or never wear, such that they always remain covered.

-The inside of an old puzzle box can store a fairly high number of diapers.

-If you have an older room with vents on the floors or in the walls, you can easily unscrew the vents and hide small objects such as a pacifier or a few diapers in there.

-Large, zippered three-ring binders can make good hiding spots. If you have old three-ringed binders from school stored in your room, you can remove the school papers and fill them with diapers.

-If you have an attic, this is a good place to hide large amounts of diapers because they are used for long-term storage of boxes and are infrequently entered. Find an old box, stash your diapers in it, and hide the box behind other boxes in the attic.

-An instrument case is a good hiding spot if you generally leave your instrument out anyway, but will not work if you ever need to bring your instrument to another location.

-A cardboard box at the top at the top of the closet is a good spot. Put the diapers at the bottom of the box, under some mundane item which the box is supposed to store. School papers are ideal for this as no one will ever want to look through them. Clearly label the box on the front with whatever uninteresting item the box contains.

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an attic wouldn't be a good spot i think since at any given moment your parents might decide to clean it out. overall i would say the obvious hiding places are fine unless you have parents that disrespect you so much that they will search your room. and being confronted about a bag i'm sorry for saying but half of this seems very paranoid.
I think this is very important to add to your article:

About ordering online. You can make arrangements with the online vendor to have your package "held for pick-up", a service offered by the postal service, FedEx, and UPS in the USA. Simply have it held for pick-up at your nearest FedEx or UPS Store, or your local mail distribution center/post office, and pick it up at an opportune time just like if you were getting store-bought diapers. The only thing to bear in mind is you have a limited number of business days to pick it up or it'll be sent back, so be sure to pay attention to your tracking info and pick it up as soon as you get the chance. What people don't realize these days is buying diapers online is just as easy (if not more discreet/easy) as buying in stores! :biggrin:
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there is one important question, that i didn't see answered here: what to do with dirty diapers, and how to dispose of them without raising suspicion.
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AmonBisby said:
there is one important question, that i didn't see answered here: what to do with dirty diapers, and how to dispose of them without raising suspicion.

My solution has been to put them in an opaque plastic bag and dispose them in my apartment complex's garbage disposal area. I don't know how this would work if one were living in a house but it has worked for me without anyone raising suspicions.
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AmonBisby said:
there is one important question, that i didn't see answered here: what to do with dirty diapers, and how to dispose of them without raising suspicion.

Best trick is plastic bags (maybe two) and chugging them into the trash, probably best if stuffed mid-downwards into the trash can.
Snivy said:
Best trick is plastic bags (maybe two) and chugging them into the trash, probably best if stuffed mid-downwards into the trash can.

That's what I do. Hasn't raised any suspicions that I'm aware of.
Snivy said:
Best trick is plastic bags (maybe two) and chugging them into the trash, probably best if stuffed mid-downwards into the trash can.

If keeping it hidden is really important, I wouldn't use home trash. Although the odds are small that anyone will check, it's still possible, probably for completely unrelated reasons. I think disposing of them in public trash cans is safer if one is really concerned.
Trevor said:
If keeping it hidden is really important, I wouldn't use home trash. Although the odds are small that anyone will check, it's still possible, probably for completely unrelated reasons. I think disposing of them in public trash cans is safer if one is really concerned.

Home (if no one notices, sure mothers have said, keep your hands out of the trash!)

and public, as you said.
AmonBisby said:
there is one important question, that i didn't see answered here: what to do with dirty diapers, and how to dispose of them without raising suspicion.

What I've always done is have a black trash bag in my closet (which at my parents' is STILL cluttered, and also I have things stored in bags) and I'll take it outside when everyone is sleeping or at work. At my parents' outside garbage, I'd lift the top trash bag up and put it under (my parents didn't find it odd; I had room trash plus taking trash out was the only chore I actually did... wonder why though? Hmm), and now I just toss it in the outside trash (my roommate doesn't know, but I don't really care if she finds out, plus she's not very nosy anyway).

If making a trip to the outside garbage is an issue, start taking out the kitchen trash. Unless your parents are REALLY strict, they wont likely tear open a trash bag as long as it seems normal for you to take trash out. Also, start keeping normal trash in your room (even if you dispose of diapers separately). That way bringing a bag out wont be suspicious. Also, dont let the bag get too full. Between smell and weight, a normal trash bag gets really heavy when its more than half full of diapers.

If you live in a dorm, you probably have the worst position to keep it secret unless youre really close to trash disposal. Even then, your roommate will likely find out.

Now, if you live in an apartment or house with a roommate, just tell them to get bent and mind their own business =P orrrrr, you could go about it the same way you would with parents, only your roommate will likely be less nosy.
BordercollieTrigger said:
I cant hide mine no space or room now have 11 bags so too much. My parents know i wear and accept it.

Same here, but I use mostly cloth and I talked to my mom about it about a year ago (I posted about that a while ago) too many close calls, but we have a good relationship with each other. It's just her and I. I just usually have to wait till there is a time where the wash is empty so I can do a diaper load. While I wait I just put them in grocery bags and a trash bag in my closet till I can wash. I might invest in a diaper pail to put in my closet. I'm just hiding them from my friends that come over often.
BordercollieTrigger said:
I use disposable only take out garbage when no one around.

That is another reason I like that I'm in charge of all the garbage in the house.
My fiancé knows, but doesn't really feel comfortable with them yet. Therefore, I have a wooden chest where I keep my diapers, and it remains locked when we have company over. That's pretty much all it's for, though, and I can fit almost a full case of Bellissimos in there if it's totally empty (which it isn't right now)
I keep all of my diapers in large lockable trunks. (for some reason it won't let me post the example pics I took)
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I found the best place for me to hide my diapers is under the bottom drawer of my dresser. Works like a charm and I rarely go in that drawer anyways so my parents really have no reason to be suspicious!
AllwaysLittle said:
an attic wouldn't be a good spot i think since at any given moment your parents might decide to clean it out.

THIS exactly happened to me. I was out of town visiting family and my parents decided to clean the attic and garage.... lets just say it was uneasy when I got home... but they never asked
Or, if you're in an apartment like me, you don't worry about stuff like that! But, all good points if you don't live on your own.
I'm new to this so I have been sparingly using the pack of sleep pants I bought last week. Right now, I have them in a large shoebox on the top shelf in my closet. No one goes in there but me, so its a safe bet along with being high enough to keep away from prying hands. When I do use one, I will bag it up in a single plastic grocery bag, stick it in my work bag and toss it into the trash at either the gas station I get my morning coffee at or a public waste bin at work. It just looks like a small bag of trash and no one thinks to question you.