hiding a messy diaper smell


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Hello all what is the best way to hide the smell of a messy diaper. I have recently only been a wetter however, I am having more and more light messy accidents and they stinky please help I hate how it smells
I find that cloth diapers and plastic pants help contain odors compared to disposables. Even when I wear plastic pants with disposables I notice the odor almost immediately after I mess. Another thing that I believe helps is wearing compression underwear over my diaper and plastic pants as it keeps air from accumulating and being vented from the plastic pants with changes in stance or body orientation. Probiotics, Greek yogurt, and eating less red meat can help reduce the odor of your movements just as staying hydrated can reduce the odor of your urine. These are all just delaying tactics though as poop is going to smell sooner or later.
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