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Hi there.
New to forums, although I have started posting.

Diagnosed with diabetes and plagued by over active bladder with urgency incontinence issues. I am not overweight and don't have other nerve issues.
Currently working with doctors to diagnose, but have turned to diapers to prevent accidents.

I find diapers simple, effective, convenient, comfortable, and discrete protection to prevent embarrassing leakage, and reduce worry, anxiety, and stress related to bladder urgency and frequency.

I have tried a lot of products and prefer a plastic backed taped diaper and currently use Total Dry Plus during the day and a Abena M4 during the night.

My girlfriend is wonderful and knows I have turned to diapers for protection. I keep it discrete and take care of myself. I have begun the process of telling select immediate family of my OAB/UI related to medical issues, primarily on a need to know basis.

Frankly, most people don't share what kind of underpants they wear. In conversation it mostly affects me becuase just about everyone asks, "How are you doing?" I usually reply, "great" but to some I divulge a bit more and indicate, "I am having some bladder issues, and I have to watch my diet" and leave it at that. I have found those that I have told don't usually press further inquiry.

OK, so that's a bit about me
Looking forward to adding to the discussion here.
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Looks like you have been active and just wanted to do an introduction.

With 24 post and EC+ I think you are doing fine.

So welcome to the group.

Yes, welcome. I'm sorry you've had so many serious health problems. My wife is type I diabetic. We do home dialysis and she is on the machine as I type this. I'm glad that your health is stable. It sounds like you are one of the lucky ones in that regard.
I try not to let it slow me down.
Happy to be here.
Welcome LittelCme. Sorry to hear about your relationship breakdown but glad things seem to be working out for you.

Kind regards MWHE
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