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Hi everyone! I signed up a little while ago and then between internet problems and real life getting in the way, I never ended up posting anything! Forgive my lurker-ness for the time being.

That said, I'm BabyBuddha. I'm an AB with a diaper interest on the side. Still kind of discovering and figuring out this side of myself, coming to terms with it, seeing how it works into my personal life, etc. That's part of why I came here once I found this site- I figure I'm just one of many who are doing/have done the same thing!

Outside of that, I'm a pretty big bookworm. I work at a bookstore, like all kinds of genres and have a particular fondness for old or "vintage" books. I also love music and have a pretty wide range of tastes there as well, from classical to psych to techno, metal, experimental, you name it. Big fan of Nick Cave, Swans, Tame Impala, The White Stripes, Janis Joplin(I'll stop there before I list 100 people). I love animals, birds especially, and I love to garden as well, though I'm not so great at it yet.

I'm also a newcomer to Buddhism, hence the name I picked. In the last year I've been introduced to Tibetan Buddhism and have started meditation and simple practices under the guidance of a great meditation teacher and a local Lama who runs a Tibetan center in town. I've had a lot of great experiences and met a lot of amazing people.

Please feel free to introduce yourselves, share, ask questions, whatever! I'd love to meet you all. :D

My favorite animal ^_^
Welcome babybuddha! That was a great intro. Working in a bookstore would be an awesome job! Your taste in music is awesome, too! For the record, I'm a Stephen King and Queen fan for those interests. Enjoy!
Thanks for the welcomes! :D

I'm a King- and Queen- fan too Zipperless. My favorite Stephen King work is the Dark Tower series. I haven't read much of his new stuff though, besides Doctor Sleep, which I liked but didn't think was great.

KimbaStarshine said:

My favorite animal ^_^

Yay, bird people! :) I'd love to have a parrot, but I don't have the space or time to care for one now. Maybe someday! I also love corvids, whom I'm pleased to see are becoming more and more popular these days.
hey babybuddah, welcome. nice intro :) I've been getting a bit keen about checking out Budhism myself actually. As an artist, the meditative practice seems to fit some of my working methods. I saw some Budhist monks recently making a sand mandala....whoa that was awesome.
Welcome to ADISC!

I like to read but find I don't have as much time as I would like. Curious - do you work in a rare book store or in a bookstore selling new books?
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Hi Ozbub! Buddhism is very interesting, and also very complex. There are so many schools and traditions, so many books, so many practices... it's fascinating to take a look at all of them though! A certain tradition might jump out at you as one you want to pursue, if only in meditative practice.

Hi BabyDenise! I've found the same problem with reading- I feel like I don't always have the time. I work at a store that sells new and used books, which means we do occasionally get rare ones and antiques. It's a great place.
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