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Hi, I'm ABDLgirl. I'm new here, been reading on these forums for a while but just decided to make an account. Glad to see that I'm not alone. I love music and spending time outside.
Hi ABDL girl. Very glad you are here. If you couldn't guess, I like music, too :) What kind of music do you like best? Do you sing or play an instrument? It is, indeed, good to know that we're not alone. Welcome to the forums, and I hope you find fulfilling conversation and time here.
Hi and welcome also. It's great that you've decided to get on board. This is a wonderful community for ABDLs very supportive...it's really nice to feel connected.
Welcome to the forums! We are a friendly and understanding bunch. look forward to seeing you around!

Nice to have another girl around!

Welcome! :) What are your hobbies? I love to read and play video games in my spare time..
Howdy ABDLgirl and welcome!!! Very glad you're here and I am sure that you will find people who will share your interests, listen to your problems, thoughts, questions, musings etc. There are a lot of interesting, knowledgeable, compassionate, humorous, and just down-to-earth, REAL folks here who just possibly could become good friends with you. I see that you are into music.......well, there are many folks here who share that same interest, myself being one of them. Please feel free to express yourself in any way you feel comfortable because you are safe and most welcome here!:smile1:
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