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  1. Diaper Lover
Probably should have joined a while back, but I never felt quite comfortable with doing that when I was in college. I think I've been lurking around here for at least several years, since I first got my own phone and started exploring the nether regions of the internet.

A little bit about myself... I graduated college within the last year and got a job in my field. I remember being 14 and thinking it would take forever till when I could have my own place and be able to experiment with diapers without any worries. Bambino's are amazing btw.

I'm definitely a diaper love and not an adult baby. I guess I'm more into the feel of wearing/using diapers rather than regressing.

Outside of ABDL stuff I'm a pretty avid reader and videogamer, I know that seems like an odd pairing of hobby's, but that is what it is.
Not too odd of a hobby pairing.. I love those three things as well! :) I'm on Xbox360 and own a ton of older consoles. I looove fantasy novels and teen novels from the 70's-90's~

Nice to meet you Geronimo and glad you finally decided to join us!
Hello Geronimo22, it is nice to meet you.
Welcome to ADISC.
Great to have you on the site.

Good intro!

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