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Hi everyone i´m from mexico, i love watch cartoons, play videogames and try new things like draw and read :smile1: i´m here because i want to read post and comments about persons who likes diapers just like me :laugh: i dont know much more i can write so i suppose thats all :D so i hope to meet nice people :eek: (i´m not a lurker anymore :laugh:)
Hello Shensho and welcome to the group.

Very nice informative introduction.

Again welcome to the group.

Hi and welcome to adisc. I think you handle writing in English very well. I hope you enjoy the site and all of us.
Hi Shensho! Welcome to ADISC :D

That's really cool that you're from Mexico, I was just over there on Saturday for a dentist appointment.
I only live 5-10 minutes away from the US-Mex border yet I rarely go because of violence over the last 7 years or so.
Supposedly cartel but I'm not sure and I really don't want to look into it further haha.

Hopefully all is calm wherever you live. Stay safe friend!
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