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Hi All!

Thanks for this community! I came here after googling for information about adult experiences with Little Keeper Sleeper and found what I was looking for in a super friendly place.

My personal interest is with sleepers and sensory friendly clothing in particular. I am an occasional diaper wearer, although it's a love/hate relationship for me. I will resist wearing them, but I love to made to either by someone else, or by necessity.

I did buy the LKS in the end - I'm in it now :)

I'm looking forward to hearing more about other people's experiences of sleepers in general, and getting tips about new sleepers.

Outside of here, I'm very interested in the psychology of self-acceptance, and I work in that area.

Kind Wishes,

Hello Zeep and welcome to the group.

Very nice introduction.

Yes, you did find a great spot to look at self acceptance and understanding for Paraphilia infantilism.

Again welcome to the group.

Hi and welcome to the site. I have several footed jammies from Jumpin' Jammerz. They definitely keep me warm in the winter.
Hi zeep!


I like my footie pajamas a lot! I have 8 pairs that keep me warm in winter. My favorite ones come from Snug as a Bug. There is a group here for people that like footie pajamas but you may not be able to join groups right away. It took me a while, and a few posts before I could join any groups but the wait was worth it.

I little the feeling of wearing footies and they make me feel much younger. At my age I like feeling younger...as a little I don't like feeling old....
another footie onesie wearer here too...welcome hun....hugs xxxx
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