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Hello my name is ZukaZama which is Swahili for "pop up,dive in" and also a reference to Bunga's catchphrase on the Lion Guard which I'm a huge fan of. I also like to collect records I have about 200 45 RPM singles and about 60 LPs. Some of my favorite diapers include Huggies Pull-UPS Learning Designs and the Nite-Time though Nite-Time is kinda small ��
Welcome to adisc! Lot of records. :O Do you have any favourite band or genre you like to collect?
Atm I'm still trying to collect Split Enz's discography which is pretty hard because not all of their of it was released in America as for genres pretty much everything. Most recent one I've added is the soundtrack to The Graduate by Simon & Garfunkel
Hello welcome, I too recently joined also have been collecting some records lately to get some otherwise impossible to find singles
Hey ZukaZama, welcome :) cool name. Hope to catch you around. Enjoy.
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