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Hi there :)

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oops..i just turned into a lurker - even i am not sure what this meant -but it sounds bad lol.. sorry ;)

I am 28 years old and i am from germany, my english is not so well, sorry.
Mostly i am here to read the stories :) I love diaper stories!
I also like it to write stories, but my problem is that i very rarely finish one..after a while i often lose my interest in a started story and i began a new one lol, so i better dont post here just to make sure nobody gets upset when a story suddenly stops.

I wear sometimes diapers, not every day and noz a whole day..mostly i wear them on weekends.
I would say i am a adult child, and in my fantasies i am often a little girl hehe.

I like music and parties, going out..hmm but at the moment i also often at home...uhh am i gettin old? ^^

so..i hope you now had a little of me.
If you have questions feel free to ask :)

greetings elmo


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Hello from me also. Lots of us here fantasize about being the other gender, and we do have quite a few transgendered people among. us also. As to actual diaper-wearing habits, on Adisc people have all sorts of habits. There are even people who ageplay with no diapers involved! - They like to be a small child, watch cartoons, drink from sippy cups, have a babysitter, pedal a tricycle, and all that sort of thing. There's endless diversity among us.
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