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Hi there !

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I'm Pillow, yes I looked at my surroundings for username ideas :p and it's nice to meet you. Inside I’m a little boy who likes to escape the stress of adulthood. However, in the weekdays I’m spending most of my time at the University studying my masters in Media Technology with my main focus on Virtual Reality (VR). I also love movies, especially going to IMAX its the best!, I also do a lot of film production always knew I wanted to work with that. :)

I joined this site because I like diapers and the feeling of being little but I am struggling with accepting this side of me, so I have this amazing friend who is pushing me towards embracing it more and make me realize how amazing it is that I have this side of me. She also told me to find and join a forum, so here I am 

When I don’t make movies or watch movies, I usually spend a lot of time on Cities Skylines, I can spend hours just looking at the simulation run through, but I wont because who has time, when you are studying. :D currently I am working on fixing the motion sickness (cyber sickness) issues that comes with Sitting VR games, as my group and I don’t believe that VR will take of if the users can’t be comfortable during their session and standing around shooting arrows for half an hour is exhausting. I am also working with 360/VR film, which is currently in post-production; it is a Stranger Things inspired short film.

On this site I am looking for like-minded people and posts which can inspire me to accepting myself as the person I am and the things I like. As well as reading tips and tricks, people share. :)


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Hello Pillow and welcome to the group.

Very nice introduction.

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