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Hi there from Orlando, Florida!!

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Hi there!
My name is Scotty and I'm currently working for Disney World here in Orlando, Florida. I'm originally from Texas, but am wanting to continue with Disney after my internship.I've been a DL for quite some time and wanted to join a forum about it.
I've been involved with theatre for over 11 years, and am attending classes to obtain a degree in theatre and history, with a minor in museum studies. The ultimate goal for me is to become an Imagineer for Disney.
My other hobbies are working in in the haunted house industry (I get paid to scare people. It's fun), cosplaying, and DIY.
My parents know about my DL side, and sadly, don't support it. Eventually, I want to get a Dad or an older brother.
Thanks for reading thus far and have a magical day!
All the Best,
Hello Scotty and welcome to the group.

very nice introduction.

Howdy Neighbor Tampa, FL here hope you enjoy the forums there is a lot of wonderful people here :)
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