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Hi there, Dave here :D

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Hi alls, i havent had to do an intro in a long time and have no idea what to put in one, so im going to use the form from diaper-boys lol.
Name: David
Location:Near Wilkes-Barre pa
Wearing Diapers Since Age:13ish
Reason For Wearing Diapers:used to be fun and bedwetting, now since a year and like 2 or 3 weeks ago i ended up falling down the steps at school, now im incontinent most of the time, except when the swelling in my back goes down, then i can go a few weeks w/o having hardly any issues. But then all i have to do is bend the wrong way, or fall, or like this last time where i got nailed in the back with a ball, im back to being incontinent.
Other Interests/Hobbies: I really like computers, and my dad and i have 2 t-maxx nitro rc trucks, there fun lol. oh and ive always kinda liked diapers, and when i was like 13 i wet the bed and the whole tb thing kinda just evolved as a way to deal with stress and with having to wear them, but i'll have to admit, there really cute and there super comfy lol.
Other Misc. Information: I might be going to Mansfield University when i graduate in june, was wondering if any one goes there, id be nice to have a friend there that ill wont have to be embarrassed to talk to about the whole diaper side of me :)
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Pretty good intro, mate.

Don't know what diaper boys is (not sure I want to) but hell, ADISC is way better anyways.

Happy posting,

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