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Hi name is babynikachu

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Hello everyone, i am new to the site and found you guys out of seriously googling
"is abdl match legit" and came up on this fourm community page.

But yeah, rather new to the site but not to the life style, i enjoy making new friends, enjoy hanging out in my little pawz playing over watch and working on 3d items ^w^

but yeah, thought i just say hello and such to everyone.:sweatdrop:

Oh, as well i love to make diapers for 3d projects, like for starters i run a shop in second life outside of my real life work where i have made some cloths, and diapers fort the abdl community upon that site.

here is a example of a pair i made.

but yeah, i love doing a lot of artwork and i love diapers in general.
but another reason i came to this site was maybe get a better search result for finding a mommy,auntie,babysitter type of person in my life to help quench the craving of abdl urges in real life with someone.
Not open for further replies.