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Hi I'm Zen

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Hi I'm Zen

I'm a student of art and programming. I enjoy being my self; that could mean running around with friends being crazy or just snuggled in a bed reading a good book.
I'm new to posting here, I finally decided to try and interact more since it is what I've been meaning to do for a long time now.
I am a diaper wearer and have been for... Well a long time now. It just became part of who I am really.
I love making games that is my passion... Well that and playing them. It's what I want to do in the end. I also have a huge love for going to and seeing foreign places and cultures.

I'm here now because I want more. I've lived my life up to this point hidden and in the shadows, and I've chosen to change that.

Well thanks for reading

Have a nice day
Hello Zen and welcome to the group.

Very nice informative introduction.

Welcome, Zen! We hope you are able to join into the community forums and share your thoughts and ask your questions, or find out how others have handled things you are facing/questioning about yourself. There's a wealth of experience here (about lots of things, not just diapers), and most if us are pretty friendly.

So, what's the most exotic place you've been? For me it's either Uluru in central Australia, Table Mountain in South Africa, or St. Petersburg, Russia. I also love to travel.
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