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Hi I'm new

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  1. Adult Baby
  2. Diaper Lover
Hi I like video games,jokes, and people I can talk to people. I am personally open minded to anything. Also I like to talk,
The reason I'm on this fourm is 1. I am a diaper lover and hope to find my regressed self, if I have not found him already,who is a toddler around 2.

What i do besides (diapers) I am a amtgard player/larp, meaning live action role play. I am at the moment a level 3 barbarian. I also like to act, tell jokes, and play video games. On a side note I like all kinds of jokes even inappropriate jokes, OK... mostly those jokes. if u need cheering up I can help.

Finally the reason I'm on this sight and any other community is because this is the only fair and nice community i can find with some of the same background as me.

So dat is me. ALOHA

It's nice to meet you! I used to do LARP when I was a teenager and it was Probobly the most fun I ever had. I was also a seasoned dungeon master/game master well until my mid twenties. If I still had a group I would be doing it even now.

My little is about 6 years old and I had a lot of help finding her and loving her loads here so I hope you have the same luck!!

Welcome to ADISC!

Hi there!

I'm pretty new here as well. If you're into acting, I'll definitely be around if you ever want to talk about anything regarding acting and theatre because it's pretty much my whole life! Anyway, hope you enjoy it here!
Thanks for welcoming me I should have come back sooner but life is full of surprises :)
flyinbaby said:
Thanks for welcoming me I should have come back sooner but life is full of surprises :)

No worries. It happens to us all. When life gets busy for me, I don't have a chance to visit the site much. Sometimes I could go weeks between my checking of the site.
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