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Hi, I'm Luci :)

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Hey there,
I am Luci, an Little / Adult Child from Germany. My little me (Luci) is a 5 year old girl who still needs nappies, loves plush toys and pretends to be a Panda from time to time :)
For me having a Little me is kind of a lifestyle not only a fetish ^^ So from time to time I can be a little childish.

In real life I just finished my master degree in International Marketing and am currently looking for a job in either Germany or the UK. I am in love with Canada since I have spend my term abroad there and love animals and to be outside and take pictures.

I am active in this scene since 2011 and am normally a pretty active member of the WBC (biggest German forum). I am organizing meetings in Cologne and found quite a few great friends in this scene. Now I am looking forward to talk to a lot of nice people from all over the world.

Luci, the panda :)
Hello Luci and welcome to the group.

This is a very nice and informative introduction.

My family is from Cologne and Melhouser. (if I am spelling it correctly)

Again welcome to the group.

Hey hey Luci,

you found your way here! ;)
Welcome! :)

> So from time to time I can be a little childish

a "little" childish? :D

Enjoy adisc! :)
Hey Luci,

it's nice to see that you decided to join here.

So welcome & viel Spaß hier ;)
Howdy and welcome to the site. That's really cool that you're organizing meet-UPS.

My family is from Germany as well. I would have to ask what towns exactly tho.
Hey hey,
thanks for all your nice words. I am always amazed how many people actually have family in Germany ^^ So if you ever happen to be in Cologne let me know ;)

@Jona: :p now you can tease me via WBC, Whatsapp and Adisc. Wonderful ;)

@Marka: As I said, I like animals, Photography and on top of that I love to play the guitar and the piano. I am in love with Nintendo (especially Mario Kart and Zelda) ^^

Hej Luci,

welcome :)

Luci said:
I am organizing meetings in Cologne [...]

And you organize this really great. I hope, you like to do it for a long time...

best wishes :)
@ Malin: Uhh that must be someone from WBC...If I should guess I would say it is Ginni? (female, likes cats ^^) am I right?
heeeeeeee, all german girls like cats, aren't they?
Most of them.

Some love dogs.
Windeltiger said:
Most of them.

Some love dogs.

One thing does not rule out the other?
Welcome luci, my family is from Germany, anyway this is a fun site and I hope you have fun.
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