• Note: ADISC does NOT allow personal ads. This includes "looking for ____" or "anyone in ____" type introduction posts. To write a good introduction, focus on explaining who you are, NOT what you are looking for. The goal should be to help other people get to know you a bit.

Hi I'm danny

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Hi I'm danny from ca and if you want to be friends just email me here

Hello and welcome, Danny!
Short and sweet totally works for me, however, your introduction is still a bit on the short (and not quite so sweet) side... as such, we don't know anything about you :(

Can I point you in the direction of our intro cheat sheet, which I'd strongly recommend you have a perusal of to help you expand on your introduction a little bit.
Also, if you've got time, even our primer which tells you everything you need to know about ADISC, and how it serves AB/DL/IC communities.

We're not a hotspot for ABDL personals, nor are we a chat room per se. Instead, we share a lot in discussion, conversation and thoughts with each other altogether through the boards – not even about diapers half the time! (see "Off Topic")... With some well written contributions on the forum, I can guarantee you that is the best way to make new friends and earn their trust :biggrin: (I say that from experience!)

Please don't take this as a mega-criticism; I want you, like everyone who joins the site, to make the most of it. Which I'm sure you will!

Happy posting,

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