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Hi.... I'm 19 and just tried diapers for the first time...

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And it felt great! I love the feeling of being a little kid. I would love to try using them but I'll be flatting soon so I'm not sure how to deal with smell/disposal.

I just posted a question asking about good Pull-Up style diapers and you guys on this forum are really active and friendly! I really appreciate it.

I'm still coming to terms with my feelings towards playing with diapers, but I'm glad you guys are here if I need help. Hopefully I'll be an active community member giving advice to new people one day :)

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and p.s. i'm in New Zealand if any other kiwi boys and girls are into this as well. It'd be cool to share stories/notes :)

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oh and p.p.s I just read the 'How to Introduce Yourself' section. Sorry! I also like swimming, video games, hiking, and rock climbing. I like reading but don't read much anymore due to school, but would really love to be recommended a book so I can get back into it. My favorite movies are Fantastic Mr. Fox and Forrest Gump.
Hello pullupsboy and welcome to the group.

This is a round about introduction, but the important part is you did tell us about yourself.

I am not sure, but if you look in the groups I think there is a New Zealand / Australia group there.

Again welcome to the group.
Hi pullupsboy :) welcome to the site from a fellow newbie ;) hope you have a great time and make loads of new freinds...
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