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  1. Adult Baby
Hello babies ! This is Alexandra. I'm 18 years old and I have a loving daddy . I'm a college student,but it's always been hard for me to find people like me. It feels happy to find this forum! I'm an adult baby and I enjoy crawling around,being diapered,pacifiers,being talked to as if I'm a baby,being cuddled,colouring,drawing and owning plushies. I tend to get bratty at times for attention and I get sad if I'm feeling ignored. My daddy's been away for a whole month,however he's back next week from work!I find it hard to be away from him and I miss him all the time. I've struggled with depression and anxiety because I'm feeling different and this whole self-acceptance thing has been hard. Besides the Abdl life,I enjoy art, literature, makeup and music. My favourite colour is baby pink and I love being told bed time stories .Hope to find some friends here to socialize with!🙈 If you have more questions,ask me !!:)
Hello Alexandra,
Nice introduction and welcome to this group, i think we're same about 18 years old and are you just turn 19?

You can share more about your self experience here, say what your problem, and we will
"Help You"

And more, don't ruled by depression and just be yourself, there's nothing wrong for you to become what do you want.
again, welcome to this group!

Yes! I'm turning 19 soon:).
Hiya, I'm angelic, a girl and also 18 years old, I have had depression and I know exactly how you feel because I have been through this and I can help you get out of it if you message me for a chat. Welcome to ADISC BTW!

P.s you are so lucky you have a daddy, my dad and I like to play toys together so at least I can't complain!
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